Bedford Girls Softball League, Bedford NH USA



Playing softball can help girls become healthy and confident.  Studies show that girls between the ages of 6-16 benefit from playing sports, as it positively impacts them in the following areas:


While playing on a team, the girls will get to know each, support each other and have fun with each other. Lasting friendships have been made on the softball field.


Softball is a great introductory sport for young girls as it is not as aerobically challenging as other team sports such as soccer and lacrosse. The fundamentals of softball all have a positive influence on a girl’s physical well-being.  Throwing, fielding, catching and batting all help improve hand-eye coordination.


There are a lot of positive side effects to team sports.  Girls that play sports are more likely to get better grades, have a positive body image, and higher self-esteem.


First, It Has To Be Fun. If kids are not having fun, they will not play well. Period.

From a girl having her first experience as a member of a team to a seasoned professional player, the most important player attribute is the enjoyment they are getting out of the effort expended.  If a player is not having fun, they will not do their best, and they will soon quit. 

As the girls age and progress, the "fun" matures with them from silly to satisfying, with the beginners sharing daisy collections, the intermediates first learning to pitch and make good contact with the ball, and  the Majors and Juniors working on skills and enjoying the increased competition.

We urge all players, parents, and coaches to keep this elemental fact in mind, and also remember another truth - "girls are not boys".


Play hard, have fun.