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Dear Rochester Area Youth Hockey Players, Coaches & Parents,

As spring has finally sprung, after a long hockey season, The Sport International Hockey Academy is also gearing up for an exciting 29th summer of hockey instruction.

Registrations have been coming in quickly this year. To avoid disappointment, please register early! We do limit registrations to ensure a quality hockey camp experience.

40 Hour Program: (8:15 AM - 4:15 PM (Mon. - Fri.)) - For Ages: 6 - 17 yrs. (all players grouped by age and ability)

August 13 - 17 (28 Skater spaces & 4 Goalie slots still available).

If you would like to register quickly: Please click on the following On-line Registration Link; https://siha.com/forms/form1.php

To View Our Web Site: http://siha.com

To View Our 2018 Summer Brochure (PDF):

SIHA Regional Director: Bob Hanrahan

SIHA Hotel Sponsor: Choice Hotels - Please support Choice Hotels as they are a big supporter of youth hockey!

We are currently finalizing our 2018 program, which will include the following segments;

1. On-Ice Program: Our on-ice drills are specifically designed to continually challenge our students with a high rate of repetitions (no standing around). All students will work on the following skills; POWER SKATING: Forward Stride, Tight Turns, Backwards Skating, Stops & Starts and PUCKHANDLING: Passing, Shooting, 1 on 1's, 2 on 1's, 2 on 2's & Intro. To Checking. We will also be offering a "Shoot-Out Challenge" for each group, to crown our Shoot-Out Champions - prizes available!

2. Video Analysis: New Pro Videos, new cut-out comparisons. Each student will be video analyzed in a different drill, each day. All video analysis recordings will be transferred as MP4 computer files and placed on each student's take-home DVD ($15.00 Choice). We will also be offering a take-home Flash Drive (including SIHA logo) for your Video Analysis files ($20.00 Choice). Clearly our best guarantee for a quality hockey education!

3. Goalie Program: We will be offering new drills including; The Tip-Shot Save, Screen Shot Saves, Post To Post Drills, Passing Drills & Rebound Save Drills. We will also be offering new video analysis techniques, including Pro Cut-Out Analysis. As a side note, we travel a Goalie Instructor to each of our SIHA locations.

4. Off-Ice Shooting Program: Through the use of our SIHA I-Pads, our staff will be able to video analyze all student's off-ice shots, on a daily basis (video telestration and slow motion replay). All students will shoot approximately 500 pucks over the course of the week (Wrist, Snap, Slap & Backhand Shots).

5. Off-Ice Program: We will be conducting, fully supervised daily lectures, recreation and Russian Training (off-ice conditioning) to enhance our student's SIHA experience, offering an even balance of hard work and fun on a daily basis!


Alex Martel - Washington, IL (Ferris State University)

James Adler - Syracuse, NY (Canisius College)

Ryan Running - Flint, MI (Ferris State University)

Joe Fabec - Tampa Bay, FL (Florida State University)

Skylar Senn - Shelby Twp., MI (Oswego State University)

Matt Medonis - South Lyon, MI (Ferris State University)

Dan Davis - Detroit, MI (Ferris State University)

Kristen Brzyski - Buffalo, NY (Oswego State University)

Zach Peters - Romeo, MI (Ferris State University)

Bob Baldwin - Montreal, Quebec (SIHA President/Founder)

NOTE: We will be conducting our Annual Staff Meeting in Canton, Ohio (June 11 - 15), to properly train all staff members for our 29th summer. We will also be conducting a week long camp in Canton, to give all of our staff members an opportunity to practice their teaching skills, before hitting the road, immediately following our Training Camp.

We thank you for your time, regarding our April Newsletter. We look forward to an exciting 29th summer of hockey instruction, we'll see you this summer!

                                                              Very Sincerely,
                                                                 Bob Baldwin