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 Welcome RGS Coaches!

Another season is about to begin and we would like to thank all of you for volunteering to coach!  Without your dedication this program would not be a success.  Please take time to review the items listed below with your fellow coaches.  Also see RGS Practice Tips suggestions in "Documents" page on this website.  The Senior League will be playing at Founders Field (formerly Disbrow Small), near DPW on Oakland Beach Avenue.  The Junior League will be playing at Milton School.
1]    Attire for practices should include weather appropriate clothing:  a cap, sneakers or non-metal cleats and a mitt.  Players are permitted to bring their own bats. Batting gloves are recommended.  Please stress that all belongings should be labeled.  Be aware that the fields in the early spring can be very cold and players should be advised to dress warmly.
2]    Equipment for the Senior League will be housed in the bin behind the backstop at Founder’s (Disbrow) Field.  The equipment for the Junior League will be in the bins located behind the backstop at Milton School.  One box is for the equipment; the other box is for the pitching machine and gas containers.  The lockbox on each bin contains the key to open the bin.  To open the lockbox, slide the bottom button down to clear the lockbox, then punch in the code, then slide down the Open button at the top and lift the faceplate off at the same time.  To return the key, clear the lockbox again, enter the combination again, and place the face and key in place while you slide down the top button.  COACHES FOR THE LAST GAMES OF THE DAY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOCKING THE BINS AND LEAVING THE KEYS SECURED IN THE LOCKBOX.  Please remember as a head coach if you are not available for practice or a game, you are responsible to notify the other coaches and give them the code. 
Game balls will be in boxes marked “GAME BALLS ONLY.”  Neither league should use game balls for any purpose other than games.  Junior coaches, please be sure to use the Jugs balls in the pitching machine for best performance. 

3]    Practice or game delays/cancelations are made by Rye Recreation and the officers of Rye Girls Softball.  We will utilize our website RyeGirlsSoftball.com and texts from Rainedout.com for notifications.  In the event of rain or questionable conditions, either check the website or sign up for rainedout.com.  Please do not phone Rye Girls Softball officers for this information.  Note: no coach is to take it upon her/himself to reschedule a game or a practice without first contacting a league official for approval and field clearance.
4]     Responsibilities of coaches are as follows:

  • To provide instruction and support to each player, showing no favoritism to any.
  • To display a sense of fair play and sportsmanship.
  • To advise league officials of any injury to a player.
  • Supervision issues:  Due to abduction issues, no child can be left unattended.  A coach or designated parent volunteer must remain at the field until all members of the team have been picked up.  Never, ever leave a child alone waiting for their ride.
  • Players are not permitted to eat during games.
  • All players are to remain on the bench when not in the field.  Coaches are responsible for maintaining order on the bench.
  • Every batter must wear a helmet with facemask during all games and practices.  Only 1 batter is permitted on deck.  There is absolutely no double deck.  No one is permitted behind the backstop during a game.
  • Every Junior League pitcher MUST wear a helmet with a face mask.
  • Only coaches are permitted to operate the pitching machine.  No player should be allowed within a 3 foot circumference around the pitching machine.
  • Coaches are to put an immediate halt to any negative comments and/or displays by any player.  Inappropriate comments made by players, coaches or spectators will not be tolerated and will be subject to ejection from the field area/ball park by the umpire.  Following every game, the two teams line up and shake hands.  This seems to be the time that “trash talk” occurs – you should be aware and ready to intercede if this occurs.
  • Interaction with the umpires must remain professional.  Do not question the umpire’s call.  You are setting an example for your team.  If you disagree with an umpire, please bring it to the attention of one of the board members.  Concerning the Junior League:  we employ a few high school softball players and other students as our umpires.  They are fabulous role models for our players.  Please respect the umpires.
  • Remind players of their commitment.  If a player is going to be late or a no-show, she or her parent must email the coach.  This is most helpful in averting a forfeit in a game situation.  If you find that you have a player who is consistently missing games, please make one of the league officials aware.
  • FIRST GAME OF THE DAY:  Coaches who have the first game of the day in their division are to bring from the bin all necessary equipment (and LOCK the box after doing so.  The home team is traditionally responsible for this duty.
  • LAST GAME OF THE DAY:  Coaches who have the final game of the day are to return all equipment to the bin and lock up.  Again, the home team is traditionally responsible for this duty but in the spirit of community, all members of both teams should participate.
  • CLEAN UP:  Coaches from both teams are responsible for policing the area after each game.  Trash (especially empty beverage containers) should be disposed of and any personal items left by players should be placed in the box.

5]    Team picture day is scheduled for TBD.  Information will be emailed to you.
6]    Modell's Team week(s) is scheduled from TBD
7]    OPENING DAY: This year opening day will be on TBD  Please encourage all players to attend.  The rain date is scheduled for the following day.  If the weather looks troublesome, check the Rye Girls Softball website or Rainedout.com for information.

The parade begins at noon but all teams should assemble by 11:30am at Station Plaza in the area between The Rye Grill and Bar and the former Bank of New York building.  The teams should line up in alphabetical order with the Junior League first, followed by the Senior League.  The Junior League will be toward the beginning of the parade and the Senior League will be mid-parade. 

8]    CLOSING DAY:  Closing day is  TBD.   Stay tuned for more detail. 

On Closing Day, the Coaches will present awards and trophies to players in the Jr. and Sr. League.

Please contact us with any questions at  .