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Hockey TOTS
Regsitration Now Open!

Class will run from 8:00-8:50am!

Hockey TOTS 2017 starts Saturday October 28! Class runs 8-8:45am for 6 consecutive Saturdays. All players are required to wear a helmet and sneakers (or boots). We recommend that players also wear protection on their elbows & knees. Parents can dress players up just like they are going sledding. Hockey sticks are provided for use each week. 



Hockey TOTS is a new and exciting introductory "physical fitness on ice" program. Not every child is ready to put on ice skates, so we have designed a program for kids to get on the ice in sneakers or winter boots. Kids will learn skills such as how to properly hold a hockey stick, puck control, and passing skills. Each session they will have the chance to play a variety of small games and run around our 45'x70' ice rink. The games will be played like a "Broom Ball" game. As each players love for the ice grow's and they come to enjoy the ice surface, when they are ready they can test out their skates or jump into our Learn to Skate programs. This 6 week program is a tremendous way to enhance their balance, hand eye coordination, and overall athletic motor skills while on the ice. It's time to introduce your 3-6 year old child to the great sport of ice hockey in a safe controlled environment taught by the professionals!



Cost of the program is $125 for 6 weeks; Classes run for 45 minutes.



Checkout this Youtube Clip to see what Hockey TOTS is all about


What we teach and What is important?

  • Good sportsmanship
  • Maximize individual development
  • The importance of teamwork
  • Confidence in ones "self"
  • Sharing & caring
  • Athletic/Hockey Skills