Peters Township Basketball Association: Recreational & Travel Basketball for youth Boys & Girls

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(revised January 2016)

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Article I. NAME

1.1.      The organization shall be known as the Peters Township Basketball Association (“PTBBA”).


2.1       The purpose of PTBBA is to:

a.         provide a volunteer administered, recreational program for the youth of Peters Township, Pennsylvania (“Peters Township”) in order to promote the sport of basketball;

b.         provide an enjoyable recreational learning experience for all participants;

c.         assist youth in maximizing their potential as both players and citizens;

d.         instill the ideals of sportsmanship, respectfulness, teamwork, loyalty, competition, and commitment;  

e.         instill character, good sportsmanship, pride, self-discipline;

f.          practice and enforce the Peters Township Park and Recreation Department (“Park & Recreation Department”) Philosophy and Goals for Youth Sports Programs as attached and made part of these By-Laws;

g.         provide capable and dedicated coaching with persons of sound moral character, emphasizing the learning of the game of basketball over winning; and

h.         promote better understanding of the fundamentals of the game including knowledge of the rules, proper techniques and the skills necessary to compete.

2.2       In attempting to obtain these objectives, PTBBA officials, managers, coaches, and parents shall, at all times, remember that all endeavors shall be pursued with the welfare of these participants foremost in mind.


3.1       The PTBBA shall be governed by no more than a 13 person Board of Directors (“The Board”), comprised of the following positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Documentation Coordinator/Secretary, Recreation Director, Girls Travel Director, Boys Travel Director, Communications/Website Director, Tournaments Director, Fundraising Director, Concessions Director and potentially 2 At-Large Directors to be filled at the discretion of the Board.

3.2       The Board shall be elected by the membership of the PTBBA annually in April.  Term of directorship shall run from May 1 through April 30, and members may be eligible for re-election.

3.2.1   Members of the PTBBA who have attended at least 50% of the scheduled meetings from May 1 through April 30 of the following year (6 out of the 12 monthly meetings per year) will be eligible to vote for the PTBBA Board of Directors during the April meeting. 

3.2.2    Non-Board members are not eligible to vote on other Board matters throughout the year even if the attendance requirement for voting for Board elections has been met.

3.3       The Board shall approve the coaches, advisors and committees as needed for the proper operation of the PTBBA and its purposes as set forth in Article II.

3.4       Each member of the Board shall be entitled to one vote.

3.5       The official business of the PTBBA shall be conducted in accordance with procedures outlined in "Robert’s Rules of Order, most recent edition."

3.6       Any vacancy on the Board by means of resignation, expulsion, death, or any other legitimate reason, shall be filled by a majority vote of the Board at a Regular Meeting or Special Meeting for such purpose.

3.7       Duties of Non-Officer Board Members.

3.7.1    The Recreational Director shall be responsible for all recreational programs throughout the year, which includes programs in the fall, winter and summer. 

3.7.2    The Girls Travel Director shall coordinate all girls travel team activities, including, but not limited to, scheduling of tryouts in accordance to PTBBA By-Laws, coordination of all leagues that the teams will participate in, and attend league meetings.

3.7.3    The Boys Travel Director shall coordinate all Boys travel team activities, including but not limited to, scheduling of tryouts in accordance to PTBBA By-Laws, coordination of all leagues that the teams will participate in, and attend league meetings.

3.7.4    The Tournament/Fundraising/Sponsorship/Concessions Director shall be responsible for all fundraising activities including, but not limited to, the effort to obtain sponsorships and all concession stand activities as well as all tournaments that are held by the PTBBA for the travel teams

3.7.5    The Communication Director shall be responsible for the PTBBA website and all communications such as registration and the promotion of all PTBBA activities.

3.7.6    The At-Large Directors will assist the Board in any matter as required.

3.8       The PTBBA shall indemnify the Board as well as all PTBBA coaches from any and all claims related to, or arising out of, the activities and /or performance of their duties on behalf of the PTBBA.

3.9       The Board can contract with individuals to perform certain functions for the PTBBA, including, but not limited to the coordination of scheduling, referees, and instructional programs as the Board sees fit.


4.1       The PTBBA shall have 4 officer positions: President, Vice President, Documentation Coordinator, and Treasurer.

4.2       The President shall preside at meetings of the PTBBA. The President shall call special sessions when necessary. The President shall sign checks properly endorsed by the Treasurer and properly approved by the Board.  The President can also sign contracts on behalf of the PTBBA if properly approved by the Board.

4.3       The Vice President shall act as an assistant to the President and shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of the President to serve.  The Vice President shall also coordinate any and all equipment requests, shall see that all teams have enough equipment to run effective practices, and shall see to the purchase and maintenance of appropriate game balls for each PTBBA recreational league or travel team.  

4.4       The Documentation Coordinator/Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings and attend to all correspondences to the PTBBA and is responsible for making sure all required documentation is provided to the Parks & Recreation Department.  Additionally, the Documentation Coordinator shall assist with registration.

4.5       The Treasurer shall receive and dispense all monies of the PTBBA and shall keep accurate, itemized and detailed records of all receipts and expenditures of the PTBBA. Duties will also include maintaining all PTBBA banking accounts, preparing annual PTBBA budgets, and preparing and presenting at all meetings written statements of current operational and fiscal year budget status.


5.1       Any person eighteen (18) years of age or older who is interested in the purposes and objectives of the PTBBA and who is willing to subscribe and be compliant to the purposes and objectives shall be eligible for membership.

5.2       PTBBA Membership shall consist of current PTBBA Board members, coaches, and parents and/or guardians of registered youth PTBBA participants upon payment of a registration fee for any programs or activities sponsored by the PTBBA.

5.3       All members, coaches, advisors and committee members or candidates for same, must be members in good standing of the PTBBA.


6.1       Board Meetings are open to all members of the PTBBA.

6.2       Regular Meetings of the Board are held on the first Sunday of each month.

6.3       All Board members are required to attend at least 75% of the monthly Board Meetings.  Failure to do so can result in removal from the Board.

6.4       Special Meetings may be called by the President, or in his/her absence the Vice President, or upon written request to the Documentation Coordinator by any member of the PTBBA in good standing.

            6.4.1    Special Meetings may be done by conference call or email with proper voting procedures followed.

6.5       The Documentation Coordinator shall maintain a master attendance roster that identifies members attending each Regular or Special Meeting and a list of members in good standing.

6.6       The Treasurer shall provide a detailed written financial statement at each Regular Meeting, with copies available for the Board and all members present to inspect.

6.7       A motion from the floor by a member of the Board must be made and properly seconded by another Board member in order to dispense with any items on the agenda and those requiring a vote of the Board.

6.8       No Regular or Special Meeting business is official unless approved by a quorum of the Board.  A quorum shall consist of one-half (1/2) of the Board plus 1.

6.9       Robert’s Rule of Order, the most recent edition, shall govern meetings.

a.         Call to Order

b.         Approval of minutes of previous meeting

c.         Treasurer’s Report

d.         Correspondence

e.         Hearing of members/visitors

f.          Program and Committee Report

g.         Old Business

h.         New Business

i.          Announcements

j.          Adjournment


7.1       The Board can appoint members of the Board and/or PTBBA to serve on special committees of the PTBBA.

7.2       The following Committees shall be active in the PTBBA and shall be governed by the PTBBA By-Laws:

7.2.1    Nomination Committee

7.2.2    Any other committee the Board deems appropriate


8.1       A bank account shall be established and maintained and titled "PETERS TOWNSHIP BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION" and in a financial institution that is FDIC insured (“PTBBA Account”).

8.2       The PTBBA Account shall be a checking or savings account.

8.3       Withdrawals or the payment of expenses can only be made when signed by the President and Treasurer.

8.3.1    The Board must approval all expenditures greater than $250.00.

8.3.2    The President, with proper documentation, may authorize emergency expenditures without the approval of the Board.

8.4       Monies will be disbursed from the PTBBA Account in check form only.

8.5       Bank statement reconciliation must be administered by either the Vice President or Documentation Coordinator and properly certified by either and reflected in meeting minutes with a copy of the Bank statement attached and signed by either of the two who reconciled the Statements.

8.6       Treasurer shall deposit all receipts into the PTBBA Account no later than three (3) business days from date of receipt.  

8.7       The fiscal year of the PTBBA shall be from May 1 through April 30. The Treasurer shall submit an annual Financial Statement to the Park & Recreation Department shortly after the end of each Fiscal Year.


9.1       Any member of the PTBBA desiring to coach any PTBBA sponsored team during any basketball season must make application to the PTBBA through the Documentation Coordinator on a form supplied and approved by the PTBBA Board.

9.1.1    Coaches must apply each year for consideration and evaluation by the Board for continuation.             Prior selection does not guarantee selection for the next year.

9.2       Any member applying to coach any PTBBA sponsored team must be approved and voted as a coach by the Board.

9.3       Any member approved as a PTBBA coach must abide by these By-Laws and Attachments hereto.  Failure to do so will be cause for suspension by the Board.

9.3.1    It is recognized that Travel Teams have a set of procedures and expectations that demand a skilled level of youth participation and, the coaching of these youth may also be demanding.  Nonetheless, the PTBBA expects its Travel coaches to abide by good sportsmanship behavior and fair treatment of each of his/her Travel youth player.

9.4       Coaches must attend at least one (1) Board meeting.  Failure to do so will be grounds for expulsion from the PTBBA and coaching privileges.

9.5       All coaches are required to be listed on the Parks & Recreation Department’s list of approved coaches.


10.1     All youth in grades 1-12 who reside in Peters Township boundaries shall be eligible to participate in programs sponsored by the PTBBA.

10.2     All participants must obtain written permission from their parent(s) or legal guardians and show proof of medical insurance to participate. All participants must have signed a medical waiver for emergency care.

10.3     All eligible players must register annually with the PTBBA at a time and place as designated by the PTBBA, and must pay a fee at the time of registration. The Board will determine such registration fees annually. In addition to the standard registration fee, a surcharge may be assessed to late registration.

10.4     The privileges of participation of youths and coaches may be suspended or revoked by the Board of Directors for misconduct.

10.5     Misconduct shall consist of, but not be limited to, any of the following:

a.         possession, use and or distribution of alcohol or drugs by any participant at any game or practice or other program sponsored by the PTBBA;

b.         fighting or inappropriate conduct by any participant, coach or parent at any program sponsored by the PTBBA;

c.         Vulgar language; and

d.         Any other conduct the Board determines warrants suspension or revocation of membership and/or participation privileges.


11.1     It is the objective of this association that good sportsmanship shall be displayed at all times by both the youths, coaches and parents.

11.2     Eligibility for participation for any boys or girls travel team shall be determined by a tryout.

11.3     Tryouts shall be posted at least two weeks prior to the tryout day.  Preferably there will be two tryout sessions for each grade team.

11.4     All evaluators should be independent, preferably a member of the appropriate high school staff, a previous coach in the PTBBA program and/or the Board.  Evaluators should not have kids in that age group.

11.5     In order for a child to be considered for a travel team they must attend one of the two scheduled tryouts.  Acceptance to a travel team does not guarantee equal playing time.

11.6     The Board shall approve the criteria for evaluation at tryouts prior to tryouts.

11.7     Parents of all travel players will be required to sign and adhere to the Peters Township Family Code of Conduct.


12.1     The PTBBA will purchase a liability insurance policy from a third party.


13.1     Any complaint/grievance by a PTBBA member must be submitted in writing to the President, who, in turn will bring the notice to the attention of the Board or individual Board members as necessary.  

13.2     Written notice must be received by the President at least one (1) week prior to the next scheduled Regular Meeting of the PTBBA to be placed on the agenda.

13.3     The President retains the option to have the written complaint referred to the Board for resolution and/or action. Such resolution and/or action must be ultimately sanctioned and approved by the Board at a Special Meeting as the case demands. All grievances will be heard at a Special Meeting.

13.4     The Board will define the steps taken and the resolution or action taken. The Board will notify the member making the complaint/grievance in a timely manner.

13.5     The Board will not address anonymous letters under any circumstances.


14.1     All participants in all grade groups will be assessed a registration fee.


15.1     The By-Laws of PTBBA, as approved, shall be the governing document of the PTBBA.

15.2     By-Laws may be adopted, amended or repealed at any Regular Meeting. The amendment must be submitted in writing one month before being voted on. A majority vote of the Board present is required to approve any amendment to the By-Laws.


16.1     In the event that the PTBBA ceases to exist for whatever reason, the assets of the PTBBA (bank account, equipment, etc.) need to be properly and legally disposed. If dissolution occurs, then the PTBBA will donate all assets to the Park & Recreation Department.


“Better Sports for Kids better kids for life.”


Sportsmanship is: the ability to win without gloating, lose without complaining, and treating everyone with respect.


Peters Township Park and Recreation Department Philosophy and Goals for Youth Sports Programs


All youth sports programs under the auspices of the Peters Township Park and Recreation Department will adopt this statement of goals and philosophy as an amendment to their bylaws.  The Peters Township Park and Recreation Board of Directors feels strongly that the purpose of its recreational sports programs is to encourage and develop in children a love for sports in a safe and positive environment, while teaching skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


The 3 major goals of recreational youth sport programs are:

(1)    To address the physical, social and emotional developmental needs of children.

(2)    To encourage participation in sports as a means to developing a healthy lifestyle, learning sportsmanship and having fun.

(3)    To learn and master the fundamentals of the game.  Learning and participation are to be emphasized over winning.


In order to achieve these goals, all recreational sports programs will:


            (1) Encourange equal playing time among 


(2)    Encourage coaches to teach players multiple positions and to give players the opportunity to try different positions within the game format when feasible.

(3)    Teach positive coaching techniques to coaches.  Negative criticism is inappropriate for young children.  Positive coaching builds self-esteem and team spirit.

(4)    Forbid stacking of teams.  Competition must be fair so that everyone can experience the learning that comes from winning and losing.

(5)    Insist that all coaches, parents and players model good behavior at all times demonstrating their adherence to the following “Sportsmanship Code of Conduct”.



Participation in a youth sports program is a privilege, not a right.  Therefore, failure to adhere to these principles may result in disciplinary action.  Such action may include, but is not limited to, a player’s suspension from game, a parent’s expulsion from a sports facility, and a coach’s dismissal from a program.  Problems that result from failure to adhere to the above guidelines must be addressed directly to the appropriate sports association and be handled within the guidelines of its grievance procedure.  The inability of the association to appropriately address the problem may necessitate the involvement of the Park and Recreation Department and Board.


Y.E.S. Accomplishments


In developing the YES initiative, the Peters Township Parks and Recreation Board (PTPRB) and Department have applied the best practices for implementing new programs.


The main achievements are listed below: 

  • Formed a committee of citizens, association representatives and Parks and Recreation Board members.
  • Committee members attended sportsmanship programs in other communities.
  • Researched programs and strategies concerning sportsmanship
  • Developed a Mission Statement, goals, and an action plan.
  • Developed and distributed YES handout for parents.
  • Developed and modified Resolution for PTPRB bylaws and code of conduct.
  • Conducted Needs Assessment of Sports Associations.
  • Obtained endorsement from Township Council.
  • Received endorsement from School District.
  • Obtained Proclamations from PA Senate and House of Representatives.
  • Received endorsement from Washington County Commissioners.
  • Presented goals and informational packet to PT Chamber of Commerce.
  • Drafted how to guide on how to deal with unruly parents.
  • Working with Character Counts Committee.
  • Received t-shirt donation for Community Day from Brentwood Bank.
  • Received VFW grants and State Assistance.
  • Co-Sponsored ‘Honoring the Game’.
  • Co-Sponsored 'Double Goal Coaches Clinic'
  • Enacted mandatory coaches screening process.
  • Developed and implemented sportsmanship pledge guidelines for enforcement to be used by all participants in PT youth sports.



Here are some things to think about. These lists are from children. Please think about what they are saying.


I Would Get Interested in a Sport I Dropped If…



  1. Practices were more fun.

  2. I could play more.

  3. My coach understood players better.

  4. There was no conflict with studies.

  5. Coaches were better teachers.

  6. There was no conflict with social life.       



  1. Practices were more fun.

  2. There was no conflict with studies.

  3. Coaches understood players better.

  4. There was no conflict with social life.

  5. I could play more.

  6. Coaches were better teachers.


The Most Important Reasons I Stopped Playing a Sport


    1. I lost interest

    2. I was not having fun

    3. It took too much time.

    4. Coach was a poor teacher.

    5. Too much pressure.

    6. I wanted a non-sport.

    7. I was tired of it.

    8. I needed more study time.

    9. Coach played favorites.

   10. Sport was boring.

   11. Overemphasis on winning.


Ten Most Important Reasons I Participate in Sports

      1. To have fun

     2. To improve my skills

     3. To stay in shape

     4. To do something I’m good at

     5. For the excitement of competition

     6. To get exercise

     7. To play as part of a team

     8. For challenge of competition

     9. To learn new skills

     10. To win