Below are the MANDATORY SAFETY RULES of Little League Baseball.

No Manager, Umpire, Coach or Board Member has the authority to allow violation of these rules at ANY TIME!


1. Every catcher's helmet must have a dangling throat guard, hockey style included.
2. Every catcher must wear a minimum of catcher's helmet, mask, and dangling throat guard while a coach is hitting during infield/outfield warm-up and/or drills.
3. NO Batting ring or (doughnut) on bat. DO NOT allow them in the dugout!
4. Only one player with a bat allowed at anytime! Players in front of the dugout swinging a bat is not allowed. No on deck, no carrying or swinging bat in dugout or pitching bullpens. The only exception is when a Helmeted player comes out to retrieve a bat between hitters.
5. Coaches may NEVER warm up with a pitcher ANYWHERE at ANYTIME! Only players with a helmet and throat guard may catch for a pitcher warming up.
6. Entire teams MUST NOT have meetings on the dirt, in front of the dugout AT ANY TIME. Coaches by rule can only come out one at a time to (1) make substitutions with the umpire (2) on offense to go to one of the coaching boxes (3) to conference with a player after requesting and getting time called. Any other time the coaches are not allowed out of the dugout and this INCLUDES BETWEEN INNINGS. Like it or not, these are LLB SAFETY rules.
7. Pitcher must have proper equipment. He cannot come to the mound with white long sleeves, a distracting multi-colored glove, or white or light grey batting glove under mitt.
8. Players CAN NOT leave the dugout and be running around during the game. Not Allowed to leave dugout without permission of Umpire
9. Only Players and Coaches are allowed in the dugout. Parents, Siblings, etc….are never allowed in the dugout.
10. Metal Cleats, Chains, Nose Rings, Religious Medals, Watches, etc. are not allowed. By rule, only properly secured medical alert tags are permitted.