Tryouts are mandatory for all children ages 8 and up who have played at least one season in Single A. Tryouts are used by the league to determine which league levels they are eligible for and which division they are best fitted for.

What does the tryout consist of?

Each player will be doing the following:

  • Batting will consist of taking four swings of the bat off of a Coach or pitching machine.
  • Running the bases, after their fourth swing they will run from the plate to first and continue on to second base.
  • Each player will field three ground balls at the shortstop position and then throw across the diamond to first base.
  • Each player will step on the mount and pitch, they will throw 3 pitches from the mound to a catchers mitt.
  • Each player will field three fly balls in the out field and then throw ball to second base or third, depending on league age.

Field Locations:

  • Crown Valley Fields, Laguna Niguel
  • La Paz Sports Park, Laguna Niguel


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