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Spirit Wear Coordinators

Assist in establishing a vendor, organizing orders and distributing spirit wear to families within the PCAA organization. 

What’s in Store for this Season?

  In addition, the Uniform/Spirit Wear Coordinator will determine spiritwear items to be sold, market and sell merchandise throughout the season, as well as total up the weekly receipts and turn in the cash to a designated Executive Board Member.

What do we need you to do?

Create plan of items to be sold for the upcoming season and how they will  be sold. Submit proposal to board for approval - request bids from local vendors - place orders and have on hand prior to Opening Day. - Manage inventory and distribution of spirit wear throughout the season.  Collect payment weekly and turn in cash to designated board member for deposit.

Who is our primary contact?

Registration Manager, Jennifer Langborgh, jennifer@pcaasports.org

Fundraising Manager, Becca Becker, becca.becker@pcaasports.org