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Question:  When does registration open?
Answer:  Spring registration opens mid-November and runs through the first week of February.  Fall registration opens in early August and runs through mid late August.
Question:  What is the cost to participate?
Answer:  Spring T-Ball is $150 for per player. Fall T-Ball is $100 per player.
Spring Registration between 11/15 and 12/15 for machine pitch and kid pitch is $200 per player.
Spring Registration after 12/15 for machine pitch and kid pitch is $215 per player.
Fall baseball (machine pitch and kid pitch) is $150 per player.
Spring softball is $200 per player.  Fall softball is $150 per player.
Question:  How do I register?
Answer:  Online at http://www.mptll.org by clicking the registration link available on our homepage during open registration periods.  Additionally there are walk-up registration dates and locations for the spring season.  Parents can find those dates and locations by checking the league calendar
Question:  Do you offer scholarships?
Answer:  Yes, thanks to our generous sponsors, we are able to offer partial and full scholarships utilizing the local school system free lunch program as a guide.  To inquire about obtaining a scholarship, please click this link to complete a scholarship request. 
Question: Can I request that we are placed on a team that only practices or play games on specific days of the week?
Answer: There is really no way to guarantee that a player can be placed on a team with a certain schedule. Several factors are in play. With the exception of T-Ball and Softball, all of the other players are drafted by the coaches, i.e. the league does not create the teams. Also the practice schedules for all age groups and leagues tend to rotate somewhat during the year. This allows the League to balance out the fields, time slots and days of the week.
Question:  What ages of play are offered for baseball?
Answer: MPTLL offers baseball for ages 4-14 years old based on the chart below for the 2017 season.  Parents can also follow this link to use Little League's Age Calculator and determine their players age.
Question:  Who is eligible to participate?
Answer:  Players must live or attend a school within the Myers Park Trinity Little League boundary to participate in the league.  Waivers must be obtained for those who have previously participated with Myers Park Trinity Little League and are affected by the revised District 3 league boundaries or who have recently moved outside the league boundary.  Please  with any questions regarding eligibility.
Myers Park Trinity Little League Boundary Map

Question: When are tryouts? Are there tryouts for T-Ball? Are there tryouts for Junior and Senior baseball? Are there tryouts for Challenge Baseball?
Answer: T-Ball does not hold tryouts. Once registration closes, those teams will be formed and you will be contacted by a coach. Tryouts for American League, National League and Major League baseball are typically held the weekend after Valentines Day (usually the 3rd weekend in February).  Tryouts for Junior and Senior teams are held in mid-April. Consult the league calendar on the website for exacts dates for this season.
Question:  What can my player expect at tryouts?
Answer: A lot of times, tryouts can be more nerve-racking for parents as opposed to their Little Leaguer.  Click here to learn more information about what happens during tryouts. 
Question:  What happens after tryouts?
Answer:  After tryouts, players are drafted by coaches as a way to competitvely balance teams.  There are no television cameras and no bright lights and ESPN won’t be reporting live, and it won’t be scrutinized by professional analysts.  However, MPTLL's draft is one of the most important events in the Little League experience.  The entire goal of the league drafts is to ensure your children will have the best on-field experience possible based on their current skill level and age. Once the drafts are complete coaches will receive their player contact information and they will reach out as quickly as possible.  Click here to learn more about the draft process.
Question:  How are players placed on teams?
Answer:  For Tee-Ball, players are randomly placed on teams while attempting to honor as many special requests (for teammates or coaches) as possible. All players above T-Ball must attend a skills assessment event prior to the season.  At tryouts, players are evaluated on basic skills such as throwing, catching, fielding, hitting, and pitching to earn an overall skills assessment score.  Teams are formed through a draft process and player evaluations are used to help balance teams.  Special requests are reviewed, but cannot always be honored.
Question:  Which league do I register my player for?
Answer:  MPTLL offers the Baseball Divisions listed below. Age ranges provided below are typical for these divisions to keep kids playing age appropriate baseball. However, we do offer flexibility in the division age ranges based on specific player's skill level.
T-Ball is for boys and girls ages 4-6 who want to learn the fundamentals of hitting and fielding. In T-Ball, batters hit a ball off a batting tee. The primary goals are to instruct children in the fundamentals of baseball and to allow them to experience the value of teamwork. T-Ball rosters are typically composed of 10-13 players per team.
Minor League Baseball Divisions
Minor League Baseball programs are for baseball players ages 6-12 years old.  Minor League rosters typically have 12-13 players per team. Myers Park Trinity offers 2 minor league programs:
American League (AL) – machine-pitch; typically league ages 7-8
National League (NL) - kid-pitch; typically league ages 9-12
The Little League (Major) Baseball Division is for baseball players league ages 10-12. 11 and 12 year old year players drafted by a major league team during the previous season will return to their major league team and do not have to attend a tryout.
Presently MPTLL does not have an Intermediate (50/70) baseball division. 
Question: I have a 6 or 7 year who hasn’t played baseball before. Should he or she play T-Ball or American League?
Answer: Little League requires all 6 year olds who haven’t played baseball before to play T-Ball before moving up the American League. For 7 year olds, the decision is the parents, however factors should include: how athletic the child is, experience playing other organized team sports with coaches, maturity. The more athletic, team sport experience and mature a 7 year old is, the more ready they are for the American League.
Question: My 6 year old has played 1 or 2 years of T-Ball and I feel he is ready for the American League. Can I sign him up for the AL?
Answer: Yes. However, we require a tryout/skill assessment for all players playing machine pitch (AL). League graders might recommend to League officials to place the child in T-Ball, if, based on the scores, they feel like it is in the best interest of the child for him or her to play another year at that level.
Question: Where are your fields located?
Answer: MPTLL has a variety of fields under contract through the County. A list of our fields can be found here
Question: The fields are always in great shape. Does Mecklenburg County take care of the MPTLL fields?
Answer: Actually no. Charlotte Mecklenburg Park and Recreation does not maintain our fields. They do cut the grass in the common areas outside the fences of the playing fields, but they do not maintain the playing fields. In fact, MPTLL volunteers actually built all the fields at Randolph Park. And we raised or borrowed money and paid for the fences, lights, irrigation systems etc. Our A+ grounds crew maintains our fields. Want to help? Send an email to admin@mptll.org.


Question:  Do all games have umpires?
Answer:  One of the primary goals of Little League is to teach players sportsmanship.  At the T-Ball level, coaches act as umpires in the interest of teaching the players the basic rules.  At the machine pitch level, one paid umpire is provided for each game.  At the minor league and major league levels, two paid umpires are provided for each game.  All coaches, parents, and players are expected to show good sportsmanship and interact positively and respectfully with umpires. 
Question:  What are the rules for Myers Park Trinity LL?
The Little League rule book governs all play, except for local rule modifications as outlined in our division rules.  The purpose of these rules is to establish regulations by which all participants can have a structured, enjoyable experience with baseball. This includes rules that assist with equitable playing time and ultimately increasing the skill level of all players.  As mentioned above, Myers Park Trinity Little League has also adopted local rules.  Parents may find a copy of those rules by clicking this link.



Question: When do games start? When is the season over?
Answer: Opening Day, including the first games, is typically the last Saturday in March. The League’s closing ceremonies are typically held the first Saturday in June. Softball and T-Ball end their season in mid-May. Baseball (American League, National League and Major League) close their regular season typically on the first Saturday in June. Junior and Senior baseball complete their regular season at the end of June. Consult the league calendar on the website for exacts dates for this season.
Question: What days are games played? What time are games played during the week and on weekends?
Answer: Generally speaking, games are played Monday – Thursday evenings and on Saturday. Occasionally, weather cancellations or other interruptions in the schedule require games on Friday or Sunday. Week night games are played at 5:30pm or 7:30pm. Younger age groups (6, 7, 8) rarely, if ever play 7:00pm late games. Games are played continuously throughout the day on Saturday.
Question: When do practices start?
Answer: T-Ball and Baseball (American League, National League and Major League) practices usually start the first weekend in March. Junior and Senior baseball starts mid-April.
Question: What should I do if I haven’t heard from a coach and I saw teams practicing at the fields on Randolph Road?
Answer: Most of our leagues start practice around the same time; however, it is not the same day. It is possible the delay is a result of how teams are formed following tryouts. Team drafts are held each night during the week following tryouts, which is usually the last week of February. Once teams are formed, coaches are given contact information for each of their players. Coaches should start contacting parents to introduce themselves and to announce the date of their 1st practice as soon as they have their contact information. Please remember our coaches are volunteers and some travel for business. As a result, there may be a couple of days’ difference between when one coach makes contact with their parents versus when another coach makes contact. If you haven’t heard from a coach, and it has been 10 days since tryouts, please use this link to let us know you have not heard from a coach. 
Question:  What equipment is needed to participate?
Answer:  Registration fees cover the cost for a uniform (hat, jersey, socks, and belts – no belts for Tee-Ball).  The league equips teams with catcher's gear, batting helmets, and hitting machines for machine-pitch divisions.  Players are expected to provide their own fielding glove and safety equipment (i.e., protective cup for catchers).  Baseball cleats (no metal spikes) are recommended.  Bats are provided by the league but most parents choose to provide a bat for their player.  For all MPTLL divisions, baseball bats shall not be more than two and one-quarter (2-1/4) inches in diameter.  Non-wood bats shall be labeled with a BPF (bat performance factor) of 1.15 or less.  In addition, prior to the 2016 season Little League International announced new bat standards for mandated use effective January 1, 2018. These new standards utilize the most current advancements available, so manufacturers can develop bats with a wood-like performance, which is important for the long-term success of the game.  Little League-approved bats can be used through December 31, 2017, and current bat regulations will be in effect until then. That includes the moratorium prohibiting the use of all 2 ¼ inch barrel baseball bats constructed with composite material in the barrel, unless approved. So, for the upcoming 2016 season and the 2017 season, there are no changes. However, beginning January 1, 2018, all bats must meet USA Baseball’s standards, and the Little League branding on permitted bats will no longer be seen. The new bats are anticipated to be on sale starting in September 2017.  Additional information as well as a list of approved bats can be found on the Little League Bat Information website.
Question: What are all the ways I can help volunteer for the league?
Answer: There are several areas that the League needs volunteers annually, including coaching, concession stand help, grounds crew, sponsorship, administrative help, team moms, and registration help. If you are interested, please complete the volunteer information form on our Volunteer page.
Question:  How much time is required to be a t-ball coach?
Answer:  Head coach requires a very nominal amount of time.  The league provides significant support, helping with practice plans, fundamentals, and instructional tips.  The league does not want, lack of comfort level with coaching, to affect a decision to volunteer. 
Question:  How much time is required to be a t-ball coach?
Answer:  Head coach requires a nominal amount of time per week.  A typical week is 2 hours per week at the fields and approximately 30 minutes per week sending email reminders and answering parent questions.  The league also provides significant support, helping with practice plans, fundamentals, and instructional tips.  The league does not want, lack of comfort level with coaching, to affect a decision to volunteer. 
Question: How often are practices and games?
Answer:  There are usually two t-ball practices per week which includes one weekday, and Saturday.  The Saturday practice is replaced with a game once the season begins.   It is important to note that coaches are asked to continue to schedule practices throughout the season.
Question: What equipment does my player need?  What is provided by the league? 
Answer:  The league provides your player a team shirt with coordinating socks and hat.  It is recommended that your write the player's name on the inside of the hat when provided.  The league also provides all equipment to players and teams with the exception of gloves and cleats.  Sneakers are also acceptable at this level.

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Question: What are All Stars? How are teams formed? Who coaches? When do All Star teams play?
Answer: Little League International has a long history of post season tournament play where All Star teams from each local league play each other in District tournaments. District winners advance to a State tournament. State winners advance to Regionals, and for the 12 year olds, Regional winners advance to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA. ESPN has gotten involved and the telecast is a big deal. Teams are created by a nomination and voting process from the league’s coaches. A Head Coach is selected by the League President with input from League Coordinators and the League’s Executive Committee. The Head Coach assembles his/her assistants. All Stars start immediately following the end of the regular season. Consult the league calendar on the website for exact dates. 
Question: It rained, is raining, or will rain. How do I know if the fields are open for games and practices?
Answer: The main method of announcing that the fields are closed is an email to parents and all coaches. Coaches are asked to communicate to their parents. Coaches may decide to get together for a chalk session, or maybe try to go indoors, or in some cases to use the batting cages at the fields. In addition we will announce updates on each team page, on FaceBook, Twitter, our mobile app, and blog pages. New for 2016 we will also send text messages to those that subscribe via their account profile.  To enable text messages please navigate to your online account profile.  Please understand, we try to balance waiting as long as possible to give us the best chance of playing or practicing vs providing ample time for the word to get out if we do close the fields. In general, this call is made between 3pm – 4pm.
Note that if the league closes the fields, it means that the fields are completely closed. No team is allowed on the fields. Teams scheduled for the fields that are playable keep their game/practice slot. It is the luck of the draw.
Question: How much do team and sign sponsorships cost? Who do I contact about becoming a sponsor?
Answer: MPTLL has a variety of sponsorship options. Visit our sponsorship page to learn more or send an email to and a league representative will be in contact. Also be sure and check out and support our current sponsors by visiting this page.


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Question: Who do I contact if I have any constructive suggestions about the league or if I am having any issues during the season?
Answer: The best way to start the dialog is complete this form on our feedback page.  In addition, you can reach out to the , the , or any members of the Leagues' Executive Committee. League coordinators are also great resources to consult. The T-Ball coordinator is Harrison Jones, the American League Coordinator is Jerry Hullinger, the National League Coordinator is Dick Brown, the Major League Coordinator is Robert Griffin, and the Softball Coordinator is Niki Simmons. For a complete list of League contacts email addresses, please refer to our Contact Us page.