The Oakland Rebels Youth Basketball Club is a non-profit group that provides youth the opportunity to leverage the basketball skills and interests of our youth into a program which demands both academic achievement and the development of socialization ski

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Sponsorships and Donations

We appreciate your contribution to our YOUTH!


The Oakland Rebels is a non profit, 501 (c)(3) organization and we actively solicit private and corporate donations in order to supplement our student - athlete fundraising efforts. We would like to thank our sponsors, your contribution is greatly appreciated and valued by the program.   

You can donate online using the Donate button below or send a check or money order made payable to Oakland Rebels or email


Oakland Rebels
P.O Box 22240
Oakland, California. 94623

As designated by the IRS, we are a public charity that is eligible to receive tax - deductible charitable contributions (please check with your tax advisor).

For more information about supporting the Oakland Rebels.  Please call Melvin Landry at 510-773-8083 or email