Quito Little League is an organization of volunteers dedicated to serving the youth in our community. The commitment is to provide a little league program with qualified leadership. Safety, training, participation, fun, sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play

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Register to manage or coach
If you are interested in being a manager or coach please email
Manager's Handbook & Local Rules
The Manager's handbook contains all sorts of things on managing and coaching as well as the rules adopted by Quito. Print it out and keep it with your coaching gear! Available in the document Downloads

Statistics, line-ups and balanced play
Need help balancing playing time for your players? Check with your Division Representative. Also talk with other managers.  Most managers with a year or two under their belt have built spreadsheets to ensure playing time is fair. A few managers in AA and above have nifty files that use scorebook information to provide player statistics, depending on how good your scorekeeper tracks them.


Field conditions
The El Quito Park field might be closed if there are rainy or wet conditions. The hotline for the Saratoga field conditions (El Quito) is 868-1207. Remember to call!!! Do not practice if it is closed.  Doing so jeopardizes our use permit.
Need scorekeeping help?  There is a good tutorial on keeping score available online at http://www.baseballscorecard.comJust click on the "Keeping Score" tutorial and you'll have everything you need to know and more.
Line-up reminder
Make sure that you put the kids first and last name (or at a minimum the first letter and last name) on the line-up cards for scorekeepers, numbers help too! This way the scorekeepers can have better information in the official scorebook.
Jaeger J-Bands Training Program
 J-bands are available in the equipment shed for your use during practice.   They are a great tool to help build up arm strength.  Click on the link below for training instructions.  Please return them to the shed after use, do not put them in your equipment bags! 

Practice on TimeJ-Bands Training instruction sheet


League training events

Preseason preparation for the season involves alot of training and education to make sure our kids have a fun and safe season in Quito. Please check the calendar to look at upcoming training and meetings for your division.  


Practice Tips:

Practices are starting, how do you get your child back into baseball.

Practice on TimeTip series #1- Preseason tips to get back into the baseball swing of things

Practice on TimeTip series #2- More preseason tips

Practice on TimeTip series #3- Coaching tips from Ph. D.

Practice on TimeTip series #4 - Hitting tips

Practice on TimeTip series #5 - More hitting tips and info about Quito equipment

Practice on TimeTip series #6 - Coaching tips for the games

Practice on TimeTip series #7- The art of bunting

Practice on TimeTip series #8- Post-tramatic, er, Post-season

What does your team do between innings?

OK your team has just taken the field for their defensive half of the inning. How do they use that time?

Practice on TimeBetween Innings

Little League Pitching Mechanics

The goal for any Little League coach or parent is to keep the game simple and fun for their young pitcher(s). That's what we're aiming to do with this lesson on ittle League pitching mechanics.

Practice on TimeLittle League Pitching Mechanics

Games are won at practice!
By preparing your players properly at practice, you will without doubt win your share of games. There is very little magic a baseball coach has at his disposal during a game; no special plays, no tricks and no assured influences. No special pre-game pep talks will influence the outcome of a game.
Practice on TimeGames are won at Practice
Quick Practices
Some good tips on organizing practices so that kids don't stand around bored. It leads to a sales pitch to sell a video (which Quito has purchased for your use).
Teaching The Younger Player
Although this is geared towards ages 5-8, we all could be reminded of a few things that might make the player enjoy his season a little more.
T-Ball Coaching Tips
Coaching Tee-Ball? This is by far the most fun part of Little League. If at the end of the season your kids had fun, you got them to appreciate the game, and your games actually looked strikingly similar to baseball, you have had a great year! Keep up the good work!
Even More Tee-Ball Coaching Tips
Now we're into the nitty-gritty. Real baseball! ...or at the start of something that resembles it. Have a ball!