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2018 Membership Dues:
Membership Type Price Description
  $725 2 Adults and family children residing in single residence;
Family: Bondholder Bondholders receive an annual discount of $100 off dues.
Family: Non-Bondholder $825 2 Adults and family children residing in single residence
Long-Standing $450 Members for over 10 years with no children under the age of 18
Two-person $600 Child and one parent, or two adults without children
  $450 13-years and older; under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
Single   member after 5pm
  $300 • Annual discount off the family membership dues - presently
  $100 per bond per year
  * Annual right of membership over non-bondholder members
Membership Bonds with payment
  • Voting rights for strategic activities for the direction of the
  club at the annua! Bondholder's meeting
  • An opportunity to become a board of directors' member after
  nomination (one person per family, per bond).
  $50 An additional, one time member fee of $50 applies to first year
New Member Administrative Fee registrations at BSC. This fee is non-refundable.