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Welcome to the Jeffco Fall Baseball Tournament!

Weather Hotlines: (usually updated by 3 pm)

Foothills Hotline for Schaefer Athletic Complex, Weaver Hollow ............ 303-409-2310

Foothills Hotline for Clement Park ..................................................... 303-409-2620

South Jeffco Office for Columbine Sports Park (KE fields), Peak N/S ...... 303-979-9239

Lakewood Area Fields (Ray Ross, Lakewood Park, Link) ........................ 303-987-7078

Tournament Brackets:  

6/8 Open Click here 

8 D1 Open Click here 

9/10 D1 Click here 

9/10 D2 Click here 

9/10 D2b Click here 

11/12 D1 Click here 

11/12 D2 Click here 

11/12 D3 Click here 

13 D1 Click here 

13 D2 Click here 

13 D3 Click here 

14 D1 Click here 

14 D2 Click here 

  • P1: Weighted Percentage (.5 * Ties + Wins) / Games
  • P2: Head to Head Tied Team A beat tied Team B before
  • P3: Runs Against

Official Tournament Rules:

Please click here for the official tournament rules.

Pitching Rule Updates:

Please click here for the pitching sheet needed for the end of season single elimination tournament.  Every team needs to supply their own pitching sheet.  Each game, the sheet must be filled out in pen and signed by coaches from both teams.  At the start of the game the umpire will validate each sheet.

Updated pitching rules are as follows.  Pitchers can throw a total of 6 innings.  One pitch equals a full inning.  There is no restriction as to how many of the 6 innings a pitcher uses in a single game.  While, pitchers are allowed to throw 6 innings, we highly recommend coaches follow MLP Pitch Smart.

7/8 - 50 Pitches, 9-10 - 75 Pitches, 11-12 - 85  Pitches, and 13-14 - 95 Pitches  


Rosters and Substitute Players:

ONLY players on the official roster are allowed on the field; use of non-roster players will result in automatic disqualification of the infracting team.  An official roster maybe revised prior to tournament for a specific substitute player if approved by the fall baseball director and the player is the 9th or 10th player on the roster.  Substitute players must be identified at the home plate meeting to both the coach and umpire.  The substitute player cannot pitch or catch and must hit at the bottom of the lineup.

To request a substitute, the coach needs to email the fall baseball director the player's name, age, grade, and previous team and level of play as well as if this is the 9th or 10th player for the official tournament roster.In cases where a substitute player is approved, please print a copy of the approval and have with you at the games.  

California Tie Break:

Games ending in a tie will play extra innnigs using the California Tie Breaker rules.

For the first tie breaker inning, last inning out will be placed at 2nd base with one out.  If game is still tied at the end of the full inning, the last inning out will be placed on 3rd with one out until a winner is determined.

Home or Visitor Determination:

The higher seed team at the home plate meeting will determine if they want Home or Visitor. Home team will be the official score keeper.

Director Contacts:

South Jeffco Baseball: Chad Bickford -

Bear Creek Junior Baseball: Randy Scoles -


Thank you for choosing Jeffco Sports Cooperative Baseball!