Our Mission is (1) to provide the youth of Elmhurst with an inclusive and fun environment for kids of all skill levels to learn and participate in the game of lacrosse; and (2) to prepare them with the basic skills and understanding of the game to compete
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Elmhurst Lacrosse 2018

Player Evaluation/Team Selection Procedure

Team Evaluations: Players are assigned a helmet number and that number is how they are referred to during the evaluation sessions. Skill evaluations will consist of individual drills targeting each of the following core skill sets:


  1. Passing/catching accuracy
  2. Shooting
  3. Dodging
  4. Ground balls/loose ball maneuvers
  5. Teamwork and game play


Players are evaluated by association coaches, administrators, and/or outside sources. Players will given a score of 1 to 5 for each skill set above, with higher numbers meaning higher skill. The same evaluator will score every player at each age group to ensure consistency.  At the conclusion of evaluations, each player’s score for the 5 skill sets above will be combined for a single player score ranging from 5 to 25, with 25 being the highest possible combined score.

We encourage players to review Tips for a Successful Evaluation.


Team Selections: Individual teams within each age division will be created by a panel of Elmhurst Lacrosse administrators and/or coaches.  Prior to the selection of individual teams, coaching pairs will be created consisting of one head coach and one assistant coach per team. Head coaches or assistant coaches' sons will be removed from the pool of players prior to team selections. All remaining players for each age level will be put into the pool of players for team selections. Teams will then be created with the intent of keeping the combined evaluation score totals for each team as close to one another as possible, generally within 1% point of one another.  In addition to player evaluation scores, other criteria that will be taken into consideration include (1) individual player positions to create a well-balanced team, and (2) players who play other sports in the spring that may interfere with their attendance at practices and games.


At the end of the selection process, each team will be numbered and sent to the coaching pairs for that age group for review. Coaches will be asked to review the rosters and provide feedback relating to the equalization of the teams. After all coaching pairs have reviewed and agreed that the teams are evenly divided, a neutral party will pick numbers out of a hat to determine the final team/coach assignments. Once teams are selected, head coaches and assistant coaches' sons will be added to the team they were paired with. Should the addition of these final players result in combined team evaluation totals becoming more unbalanced than they were prior to the addition of these players, a single player swap will be made between the two rosters to rebalance the team totals.