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Charlestown Youth Hockey / District 1 is hosting the Mass Hockey Tier III Girls U19 Hockey Tournament.

American   National
Barnstable   Andover
Charlestown   Duxbury
Reading   Natick
Wellesley   Winchester


Please note schedule below is for convenience - the official schedule, along with other Mass Hockey Tournament information can be found HERE.


6:00 PM   Winchester Andover
7:10 PM   Duxbury Natick
8:20 PM   Wellesley Reading
9:30 PM   Barnstable Charlestown
8:00 AM   Winchester Duxbury
9:10 AM   Andover Natick
10:20 AM   Charlestown Wellesley
11:30 AM   Barnstable Reading
4:30 PM   Andover Duxbury
5:40 PM   Winchester Natick
6:50 PM   Barnstable Wellesley
8:00 PM   Charlestown Reading
7:30 AM   American #1 National #2
8:40 AM   National #1 American #2
12:00 PM   State Finals