The primary goal of the Waukesha Lacrosse Club to develop a positive environment where athletes are able to learn and develop the skills needed to play competitive lacrosse. Emphasis will be placed on showing respect for individuals, teams, coaches, offi

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Frequently Asked Questions and

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Registration & Tryouts

Equipment & Uniforms

Practices & Games




Registration & Tryouts


Question: When does registration open up for the upcoming season?

Answer: Registration via the Waukesha lacrosse website ( typically opens up in fall, usually by November 1st each year.  An email will be sent to the previous year's players when registration is open.


Question: What is required to register for the team?

Answer: A current membership with US Lacrosse is required. Also, a nonrefundable $75 deposit is required at the time of registration.  Also, if registration is done after the cut-off date or tryouts are completed, payment in full is required before the player can practice and/or play (as well as eligibility card and US Lacrosse membership being completed).


Question: Is there a discount for early registration?

Answer:  WLC offers a discount for early registration. If you do not register and pay the registration fee prior to the early registration deadline, you will not be entitled to the early registration discount under any circumstances.


Question:  Why is a discount offered for early registration?

Answer:  An early bird discount (which usually expires on January 15th each year) is offered to help the Club and Coaches get a better idea of how many players we will have each year.  The reason this planning is important is we may have to order more uniforms, pennies, helmets, jackets, etc. and these items can take up to 8 weeks to receive.  Also, when planning coaches, fields and games, it is essential we have an idea as to how many teams we will have.  So, to encourage you to sign up and help our planning, we offer an early bird discount.  Under no circumstances will the early bird discount be extended past the designated date.


Question: Why are HS fees so high?

Answer: WLC is a co-op of players from Waukesha West, North, and South (youth and girls also have players from Catholic Memorial).  We do not receive any direct funds from the schools, and there are a significant number of costs for running the JV and varsity lacrosse teams. Bussing costs, field rental, uniforms, 2 referees per game, and other administrative costs all go into how the fees are determined.   There are also insurance costs for the board of directors, postage, and other supplies to run the teams. 


Question:  When are tryouts?

Answer: Tryouts are held in early March, See WLC’s website for additional information.


Question: Does my son need to be at all try out days?

Answer: Unless prior arrangements have been made with the coaches, your son is expected to be at all try out days.


Question: I have paid the required $75 registration fee, but something has come up and my son will not be able to play. Is this fee refundable?

Answer: The required deposit fee paid at registration is not refundable.


Question: What are eligibility cards?

Answer: Eligibility cards are to be obtained by the player from their respective schools, and certify that the player is eligible based on grades and/or attendance and that they have completed their required physicals.  Serious school infractions can prevent a player from getting an eligibility card and participating on the team.


Question: Why are we required to make a separate volunteer fee check?

Answer: The volunteer check is a required deposit to "encourage" parents to volunteer for the various game day and non-game day activities that are required to field the JV and varsity lacrosse teams.  It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to put on the games and practices, and volunteers are at the heart of our teams.  This deposit check is a way for us to ensure we have participation by the parents.


Equipment & Uniforms


Question:  When is equipment pick up?

Answer:  Pinnies, helmets and jackets are handed out before tryouts.  An email will be sent to all registered players/parents when and where.  Uniforms will be handed out at a later date and time.  Under no circumstances will helmet and pinnies be handed out without proper registration, payment and eligibility cards.  All must be completed before a player can collect equipment and/or step on the field.


Question:  Why are uniforms and equipment handed out at different times?

Answer:  We hand out pinnies, helmets and jackets before tryouts so that the players have pinnie/helmet for evaluation purposes.  JV and Varsity have unique uniforms so uniforms are handed out after the teams have been determined by the coaches.


Question:  When is uniform pick up?

Answer: Uniform pick up typically occurs just before the first game. Pinnies and helmets are handed out prior to tryouts. Under no circumstances will pinnies and helmets be handed out without proper eligibility card, registration and payment, which must be received in full prior to tryouts.


Question: What equipment must my son provide?

Answer: Your son is expected to provide a mouth guard, lacrosse gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, and non-metal cleats (soccer/lacrosse). The team will provide a uniform, practice pinnie, helmet, and team jacket.


Question: My son has lost a piece of his equipment. Now what?

Answer: You will be charged a fee for the missing piece of the uniform.  When a piece goes missing, it puts the entire uniform out of commission and it becomes unusable until that missing piece can be replaced.  Sometimes we have a minimum number of pieces that need to be ordered and, it becomes a bigger issue when things are out of stock or no longer available.


Question: My son would like a specific jersey number. Can he get it?

Answer: In the past returning varsity players will get their previous year's jersey number. New varsity players will get a jersey number assigned by the equipment manager. Requests for specific jersey numbers will not be granted.


Question: Can my son wear his team jacket outside of game days?

Answer: Team jackets are only to be worn on game days and practices. They are not to be worn outside of scheduled team activities.


Question: How should the uniforms and team jacket be cared for?

Answer: Team uniforms should be washed in cold water, without any fabric softeners. Uniforms and team jackets should not be put in the dryer.  The jackets and jerseys should be air dried per the manufacturer’s recommendation.


Practices & Games


Question: How often do the teams practice and/or play?

Answer: Generally, once tryouts start, the team practices or plays six days a week, rain or shine. Lightning will prevent the teams from practicing or playing. They will be pulled off the field until the weather passes. Early in the season, the teams will practice either indoors or outdoors based on the weather. Locations will be updated WLC’s website (, Waukesha West’s athletics website ( and/or emails will be sent out to the players/parents updating them on the location of a given practice or game.


Question: Where are practices and games held?

Answer: Practices are generally held at Waukesha West, Waukesha North, and Waukesha South’s Stadiums, Carroll University, or in some cases Summit View Elementary.  Early in the season, we may have indoor practices at the Waukesha high schools or Brookfield Indoor Soccer Park on Lisbon Road. HS boys’ home games are usually held at Waukesha West Stadium.


Question: My son will not be able to attend a practice or game. Who should he notify?

Answer: As soon as the player knows he will not be attending a practice or game, he should notify his team head coach.


Question: How are players and parents notified of updates to schedules and game times?

Answer: Parents and players are notified via email of any changes or updates to game schedules. Also, coaches will text players directly.


Question: Does the team provide water for the players?

Answer: The team will provide water during games for the teams. Players should provide their own water for practices.  Sport drinks of any kind are not permitted when playing on the various artificial turf fields the team plays on.


Question: Is my son required to ride the bus to away games?

Answer: All players are required to ride the bus with the team to and from the game. If a player is not going to ride the bus to or from a game, written notification must be provided to the head coach 24 hours in advance.


Question: How many games can my son play in a given year?

Answer: The Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation limits the number of touches a player can have 18 in a given season. Touches are defined as an appearance in a game.




Question: When are the volunteer opportunities posted?

Answer: Volunteer opportunities are typically posted at the same time the team schedules are posted, which typically occurs in early March. An email will be sent out to all parents at that time notifying them that the volunteer opportunities and schedule have been posted.


Question: What are the available volunteer opportunities?

Answer: Volunteer opportunities include statistics, scorebook, video, field clock/radio (relaying details of scoring and penalty info to the press box via walkie talkie, etc.).  


Question: When are team dinners held?

Answer: Team dinners are typically held the evening before a game. However, if a practice is scheduled late the night before a game, some team dinners may not be held the night before a game.


Question: Why are team dinners held?

Answer: Team dinners are held to promote team camaraderie and team bonding. They are meant as a way for the players to get together outside of practice and/or games.


Question: Who pays for team dinners?

Answer: Whomever hosts a team dinner pays for the team dinner. Typical examples of team dinners/meals can include providing food on the bus for a morning or afternoon game, a pasta dinner or burgers/brats after a practice. 


Question:  I don’t have the space to host a team dinner.  What are my options?

Answer:  You can co-host a dinner with someone that has the space, host/co-host at a restaurant or in the parking lot/bleachers at the practice field (we cannot bring onto the turf fields) or host a breakfast/lunch on the bus or before/after an away game.


Question:  Do I have to have to volunteer?

Answer:  No, we realize that some parents do not wish to volunteer for various different reasons.  Let the Manager know that you do not plan to volunteer and your volunteer check will be cashed at that time.


Question: Can I volunteer for a different level in the club?  For example, my son plays on the JV team. Can I volunteer for varsity activities?

Answer: Yes. You can volunteer for a different level within the club and still get credits towards your volunteering requirements.


Question: How do I get credit for game day volunteer opportunities?

Answer: You must check in with the team manager and properly sign in to get credit for your game day volunteer opportunity.  It is not the Manager’s responsibility to track you down.


Question: Where can I sign up for the various volunteer opportunities?

Answer: You can sign up for the volunteer opportunities on the Waukesha lacrosse website (  Please do not send emails to the team Managers asking them to sign you up. 


Question: I would like to volunteer to do statistics for the team, but I don't know anything about how to record the various statistics. Will training be provided?

Answer: Statistics training will be provided during the off-season. An email will be sent with the dates, location, and times of the training.  Also, there are always knowledgeable parents who will be willing to help you get the hang of any lacrosse related activity.


Question: Do I need to have a current player on a team to volunteer?

Answer: No. The Waukesha Lacrosse Club is run entirely by volunteers.  We highly encourage participation by friends, family members, and former members so that the club events can continue to be staffed.


Question:  Can I volunteer for another family?

Answer:  Yes, you can volunteer for another player/family but you must sign in on the volunteer sheet that you are volunteering for someone else the day you volunteer.   WLC cannot go back at the end of the season and re-adjust volunteering after the fact.


Question:  Does Waukesha Lacrosse Club offer volunteer opportunities off season?

Answer:  Yes, at various times throughout the year WLC will send out emails asking for assistance volunteering at different events (i.e., Casino Night, basketball games, etc.)   If you volunteer off season, please make sure that your team Manager is aware of the event that you volunteered for.




Question:  Where can I find general information about Waukesha Lacrosse Club, such as  practices, games and volunteering?

Answer:  Information is posted on both WLC’s website and Waukesha West High School’s websites – and


Question:  Will my son/daughter be required to do fundraising?

Answer:  WLC is a not-for-profit and we do not receive funds from the Waukesha School District.  On occasion we will ask the players to sell something or participate in fundraising.  We try to keep it to a minimum.  We also look to the Booster Club and sponsorships but sometimes we come up short (especially in years when we are making major investments in uniforms and equipment).


Question: how are varsity team captains determined?

Answer: Varsity team captains are determined at the end of the prior season. Players and coaches vote for team captains.  Captains for the upcoming year are announced at the year-end banquet. This procedure is subject to change at the coach’s discretion.


Question: What can my son do to become a better player?

Answer: One of the most important things a player can do is to practice his stick skills via wall ball. Off season conditioning is also highly encouraged, and is organized by team captains.  Also, there are a number of opportunities to play lacrosse outside of the team. Contact a coach or the high school director for more information on the various opportunities available.


Question: It seems like we get a lot of emails from the club. Why?

Answer: The reason emails are sent out is that players do not always communicate all of the details to the parents and we want to make sure everyone in the family that wants to receive the information does.  Also, if you would like additional email addressed added to your profile, you must add them yourself as the team Manager does not have access add to the distribution lists.


Question: I would like to add additional email addresses to my son’s profile.  Who does that? 

Answer:  The team Manager does not have access to your son’s profile.  You will need to go in and update your son’s/family’s profile on the club website (


Question: Is there a player code of conduct?

Answer: Yes. All players will be required to read and sign the player code of conduct before the season.


Question: How can I get on the Waukesha Lacrosse Club board of directors?

Answer: Board elections are held in July of each year. We encourage potential members to attend a board meeting and get involved.  Notices of open board positions are sent out in May each year, with elections being held in July.


Question: I sent the team manager and/or coach a text/email message and they have not replied to me.  Why?

Answer: Please remember … Waukesha Lacrosse Club is run by volunteers.  The Coaches and Team Managers do their best to reply to requests and to accommodate our players and parents but they also have full-time jobs and lives and are not always accessible when you want them.  Please give them the appropriate respect and time to respond and deal with any issues that might arise.