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PONY Baseball Update!u

This may be the worst kept secret in CAA history... but its time to reveal it to anyone who hasn't heard the rumors yet-

Creeds Baseball will be playing inter-league with Lynnhaven Pony League this Spring. We'll be starting in the 11-12 year old age division (Bronco) up through the 13-14 age division (Pony), the 15-16 age division (Colt) and the 17-18 age division (Palomino). Lynnhaven has graciously offered us the opportunity to bring in complete Creeds teams, without requiring us to put our players directly into their league draft. This means our kids will be able to continue to play ball with teammates from past years, as well as play for coaches known to our community.  Farm Baseball - TBall up through Senior Farm - will continue playing within the VBRBL (just like past years), but we will be evaluating the potential of moving all our teams to the National Pony system as we move forward this year and next.

Click HERE for info on Lynnhaven Pony League

Click HERE to signup for Creeds Baseball at ALL levels

The reason we decided to make this transition was solely to offer our participants and members the best possible experience we can. Inter-league play with Lynnhaven offers us the ability to play more games, against local competition, on established Pony maintained fields while still keeping our parent's travel time comparable to past seasons.

In addition, we'll have access to playoffs through the National Pony League system, as well as all-star tournaments and other local and regional tourneys.

We will still be able to control our own organization and our own teams, and all practices will be held on CAA controlled fields at Blackwater Park and Creeds Elementary School. Bronco and Pony teams (10-12 and 13-14 age groups) will begin play in early April, while the Colt and Palomino (14-16 and 16-18 age groups) will start in early May.

Given all the advantages listed above, we as an Association felt moving our teams was the best thing to do.

Game dates and times will be determined as soon as we can get teams formed and listed with Lynnhaven.

What's the downside you may ask? Well, it will be more expensive to play in the Pony league. Right now the cost per player for the Bronco division is $110, and $130 for Pony. However, this would be spread out over more games, so the actual cost to play per game will be less than under the old system. Games will be played at the Lynnhaven Baseball facility at 586 North Lynnhaven Road Virginia Beach, EXCEPT games between our Creeds teams. In addition, we would also be playing teams from around southern Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. However, since parents were already traveling up to Newlight Park or Point of View Park for games in the above age divisions the distance traveled would be similar. So given the downsides, we still felt like moving our baseball program in this direction was the most advantageous decison for our older players.

We have a lot of work to do to be ready in time for opening day, and in order to get this done in time we need to get our Creeds kids signed up and ready to play ball ASAP!  CAA will be hosting try-outs and player evaluations in Creeds Gym on March 17th from 10-1pm for Middle School students and from 1-3pm for Creeds Elementary students – AFTER the Shamrock Run.

Please reach out with any questions, or if you'd like to volunteer.

Jac – CAA Pony Baseball Coordinator