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How Do I Register?


EXISTING (2017) MEMBERS – The online reservation system will be open from Saturday, February 3, 2018 for returning members to reserve their spot. You will be emailed the link to reserve your spot the day before this day. It is recommended that previous members do this before the system opens up to the public on February 7th.

After logging into the system, check that your personal information is current. Then, you will be prompted into the registration questions; these may auto-populate from last year's responses. CHECK THESE CAREFULLY TO MAKE SURE JERSEY SIZE, BUDDY, AND EMERGENCY CONTACTS ARE ALL STILL CURRENT.

NEW MEMBERS – The online reservation system will be open from the website from Wednesday, February 7, 2018 for new members to reserve their spot. If any one division becomes full, new members will be waitlisted in sequence. 

You will be prompted to create a WESA account.


All past and new members (non-waitlisted) must finalize their registration by paying their fees on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at the Junction (1138 Davie Street) between 6pm and 9pm. Any member with a reserved spot that does not finalize their registration will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist (if the division becomes full). Please make alternate arrangements with the Membership Commissioner ( ) to pay your fees if you are unable to attend that evening.

What Division Should I Join?

WESA offers two divisions of play, C and D. Both divisions offer a friendly, fun and social avenue to play softball and make great friends.  You are free to register for the division of your choice.
While both divisions are competitive due to the nature of sport, C Division is geared to those with a more consistent skill level, while D Division generally has players who are newer to softball and an overall lower skill level.

Can I Join With A Friend/Partner?

Any player can join with a "Buddy", as long as the buddy plays in the same division. Joining with a "Buddy" will mean that both players are drafted on to the same team.
Each "Buddy" must request the other player in order for the players to be drafted together and both must successfully reserve their spots when the reservation system goes online. Waitlisted buddy requests cannot be accommodated.

Can I Choose What Team I’m On?

No, WESA does not accept team registrations or team placement requests. Before the season begins, all players are drafted to teams.