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Hey Team,
Time to get excited, the 2017-2018 Race Season is finally here!
After all the growth spurts that happened since we closed last season, we are sure to have lots of new skis and boots to get accustomed to. Tomorrow may also be the first on snow experience this season for many. So...to get us back in form we will work on skiing fundamentals, concentrating on stance and balance, turn shape and edging
through drill exercises from easy to more difficult. We will break into groups and head out on the hill for some fun in the snow. Please bring your GS skis as we will practice the mother of all turns! 
When we return from the holiday break, practice resumes January 2nd. I will quickly get us into shape for the first GS race of the season on January 7th at Bradford against Ski Ward. Provided Bradford has the sufficient snow depth, we will be in some gates that week.
For now, we need to get our bodies and minds connected and ready to rock the season.
Let's send it!
Coach Errol