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Elite Sports Academy Training Classes


Shooting Classes

Elite Sports Academy focuses on teaching the correct shooting techniques/mechanics. Our philosophy focuses on having the proper mind frame and shooting speed to transfer that skill to the game.


Footwork Classes

Elite Sports Academy focuses on this key component of the game of basketball that is often missed. Knowing and understanding when to use your jab/pump fakes series. This class focuses on properly using your pivot to create space and an advantage over your defender.


Ball Handling Classes

The class focuses on an hour of ball handling drills. The class includes passing and catching, but mainly focuses on ball control, good balance and the progress of moves and techniques it will take to execute this skill set in the game.


Speed & Agility Classes

Elite Sports Academy is proud to add this essential class to our core training curriculum. The class focuses on foot speed, jumping, lateral movement and more. At Elite Sports Academy our belief is sport and competition at the highest level demonstrate the best characteristics – hard work, perseverance, teamwork, commitment, and self-discipline. At Elite Sports Academy, your student-athlete will be challenged and pushed to develop consistency and excellence in all areas of life. Elite Sports Academy program tenets such as goal setting, group and individualized training, (mental, physical, on the court, nutrition and leadership), proper coaching and curriculum instruction will garner exceptional results that help our student-athletes learn and grow daily in their lives. Ultimately, our goal is helping our student-athletes reach their potential by teaching, training engaging in competitive tournament play, and a commitment to continual improvement. At the end of the day, it’s the transfer of skills to the court during tournament play – training is the homework and the game is the test; we want your student-athlete to perform well on the test.