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Ron Kuhl- Hockey Hut Training Center Owner.

Professional Summary:
In 1993 Ron started coaching hockey in the Capital Region NY.  He has spent the last 24 years coaching, instructing and developing players at every age level from youth to pro.  From 1995-97 Ron worked to create the foundation of his player development and skills programs.  In 1997 Ron founded Excel Hockey Inc. and became an owner of the Hockey Hut Training Center.  This allowed him to recruit and train players throughout the entire year.  Also in 1997, hired by current Boston University Athletic Director Andrew Marrochello, he took the Hudson Valley CC Hockey Program from a two win season and in four short seasons delivered the 2001 NJCAA National Championship to HVCC and the Collar City.  Over the next 20 years, Ron coached hundreds of hockey games at all levels and built a world class training facility that has become a respected and valued part of the New York Hockey landscape drawing players from all over the globe to train with him.  He has built relationships with coaches and players throughout every Professional and Junior Hockey League in North America and has a working knowledge of the NCAA rules and regulations through those relationships.  His diverse corporate and coaching background has allowed him to become an expert in building businesses and hockey programs through a successful plan that relies on the ability to plan, recruit, coach and teach hockey skills for players and teams around the world.  He has created systems that breakdown the individual skills for each player to improve but he also has the coaching knowledge and ability to create a team system and program culture to allow those individuals the creativity to thrive within a team and win hockey games. He currently coaches and trains players in the NHL, AHL, ECHL, NCAA Division I-III, and the top three Junior Leagues in North America.