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Round Robin Tournament and Ice Cream Social

Dear Marcus, Amanda, Jonathan, MacKenzie, Elle, Quincy, Noah, Caroline, Schuyler, Chris, Maya, and Alexa:

Thank you for volunteering to assist the Darien elementary squash team (ages 5-10) in their first round robin tournament!  Their end-of-season celebration wouldn’t be possible without your help.  For most of the students this will be their first tournament, so they will need your help with rules, serving, interference, scoring, and moving courts after each round.

Please read the below information before the tournament, and email us at with any questions. Thank you!

Rebecca Ashcraft, Chris Mitrano, and Katie Van Duyne, Darien Youth Squash Managers


Court Assignments


  • Friday, June 8, 2018 at Chelsea Piers Squash Area in Stamford
  • 5:00-5:40 PM (Arrive at 4:45)
  • 5:40-6:00 Join the team for ice cream (Optional)
  • Wear your Darien Squash Shirt

Court #



Floater Ashcraft, Marcus MMS 6th
Floater Type, Amanda MMS 7th

Court 10

Strong, Jonathan

MMS 8th

Court 9

O'Shea, MacKenzie

DHS 9th

Court 8

Mitrano, Elle

DHS 10th

Court 7

Balanoff, Quincy

DHS 10th

Court 6

Hagen, Noah

DHS 10th

Court 5

Cooney, Caroline

DHS 10th

Court 4

Coughlin, Schuyler

DHS 10th

Court 3

Berardino, Chris

DHS 11th

Court 2

Owainati, Maya

DHS 11th

Court 1

Cornacchia, Alexa

DHS 11th


Your Role


  • If you have one, please wear your Darien Squash Shirt, so that players know that you play for the DHS/MMS Squash Team.
  • Create a fun experience, that is fair, but allows for as many touches on the ball as possible.
  • Without wasting too much match time, quickly communicate and demonstrate to the players when a rule is broken, so they learn.
  • Don’t let the rules keep the players from playing, use your discretion refereeing and scoring.
  • If players can’t serve and return, you can modify the rules slightly for both players to maximize touches on the ball.
The Rules


  1. Participants are initially paired at random.
  2. 8-minute timed rounds are played on a rotational basis. Listen for the whistle.
  3. Only one serve is allowed, however, if the first serve isn’t good they get a second try.
  4. Players play as many points as they can in the 8-minutes.
  5. No advantage scoring.
  6. If there is a tied, it’s a sudden death point.
  7. The receiver chooses which side to take the serve on.
  8. Play lets.
  9. Changing partners. At the end of each round losers moves down a court, winners move up a court, the third player stays on court.