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BYLA U11 Development Plan



The U11 level is intended for 3rd & 4th grade boys to continue to build their skills and knowledge of the game of lacrosse.  We continue to develop the basic skills as well as teach intermediate skills.  The goal is to prepare the players for their transition to the U13 level.



Some of the primary goals for the U11 level include:

  • Mastering basic skills
  • Developing intermediate skills
  • Learning the field layout
  • Learning the field positions
  • Learning the basic rules of the game
  • Learning basic lacrosse vocabulary
  • Learning basic 1-on-1 defensive concepts
  • Learning to stick check
  • Learning sportsmanship and teamwork
  • Introducing some advanced skills



The emphasis in the U11 program is on learning to master the proper techniques for the basic skills, and learning the fundamental principles of the intermediate skills.  Skills to be taught in the development program include:


            Basic Skills



            Throwing and Catching



            Intermediate Skills


            Stick checking

            1-on-1 defense (marking your man)




At this level, we continue to teach the importance of teamwork and begin to introduce the basic concepts for offense and defense, including, but not limited to, ball movement and off-ball strategies.


Game Understanding

At this level, we begin to teach the fundamentals of team game play.  This includes ball movement, a beginner’s understanding of off-ball movement, moving towards the goal and spreading out in transitions, a more comprehensive defensive strategy than 1-on-1 defensive match-ups, and the importance of winning the groundball game.  We begin to specialize in positioning by introducing every player to every position and dissecting the responsibilities of each player on the field.  We work on face-offs, and dead-ball clearing.  We scrimmage with a full-squad but can take away players for a faster, more intense workout.  The ultimate goal is teaching teamwork and cooperation. 



Practices will usually begin with a warm-up run followed by line drills.  After line drills, we rotate the players between 2-3 skill stations.  More complex drills may include the box drill, and feeding/shooting drills.  Practice concludes with a group activity.


The group activity at the end of practice will incorporate the skills learned in a competitive manner such as relay races while cradling, passing, and scooping.  As the players progress, we will move to 3-on-3 and 6-on-6 scrimmages.



Our games are played in the following format:

  • Slightly smaller field
  • Four 10-minute start/stop quarters
  • 8-v-8 (with goalie, standard goals)
  • One coach is on the field to help instruct during game play