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***2016 Spring Registration is now closed***



Date Time Teams Location
SATURDAY JUNE 4th 11:15am B vs C  JMC
SATURDAY JUNE 4th 12:30pm E vs F JMC
SATURDAY JUNE 4th 1:45pm F vs H JMC
SATURDAY JUNE 4th 3:00pm A vs D JMC
SUNDAY JUNE 5th 12:15pm F vs G JMC
SUNDAY JUNE 5th 1:30pm A vs C JMC
SUNDAY JUNE 5th 2:45pm B vs D JMC



Teams & Scheduleclick here for games schedule (revised Apr. 11th, 2016)

Squirt Teams Peewee Teams

Team A

Coach - Jeff Vavala

Nico Vavala

Marco Vavala

Layne Eliason

Evan Stachera

Brady Sack

Kaitlyn Ginn

Nathan Spriegel

Marek Moore

Andrew von Sternberg

Zachary Lacey

Nolan Olsen

Tanner Ball - G




Team E

Coaches - Mike Irvin & Glenn Merritt

Ty Turner (G)

Luke Irvin

Thomas Vanderlip

Nico Catalde

Santino Montefiori

Lany Brode

Acen Brode

Lexi Prozan

Gavin Merritt

Patrick Kent

Joshua Skinner

Alex Ott

Rachel Homes (G)

Abbi Fowler

Team B

Coaches - Darry Milton & Glenn Merritt

Jakob Milton

Wendell Natividad

Quinn Simmerman

Quinn Barker

Ethan Turner

Diaz Bojkic

Levi Hacke

Carson Merritt

Cooper Wierzchowski

Vincent Scalise

Mila Gehrlein (G)

Garrett Schwartz


Team F

Coaches - Shawn Conrad & Andy Kilmer

​Cameron Baniewicz (G)

Daniel Conrad

Jackson Sieb

Jacob Wolf

Lilly Noonan

Trevor Kessler

Micah Riley

Jacob Baniewicz

Michael Nelson

Anthony McBride

Mark Lassoff

Tate Olson

Ian Murray

Blaise Grover

Team C

Coach - Jim McCarney

Ryan McCarney

Jack McCarney

Nick Wyman

Aiden Maher

Philip Pandolph

Gina Sandhar

Caden Jaglowski

Andrew Gula

Jackson Curtiss

Ethan Sutherland

Colin Troutman

Tyler Super

Andrew Young

Carlo Cimino - G



Team G

Coach - Mike McCarthy

Nick McCarthy

Shawn Stutts

Ethan Konetsky

Sam Engels

Liam Waid

Calum Nicholson

Abbi Welch

John McFadden

Charlie Crowers

Lucas Kerchansky

Noah Clement

Matt McCarthy

Collin Jones

Gabe Rodland (G)

Team D

Coach - Dave Paradis

Derek Paradis

Connor Ellison

Charlie McBrier

Daniel Topel

Jacob Fritts

Henry Fritts

Caleb Dacus

Luca Cerminara

Luke Wang

Thomas Gunther

Evan Dylewski

Brayden Bugaj - G



Team H

Coach - Dan Barbero

Zane-Ryan Lewis (G)

Logan Lutch

Izzy Barbero

Nick Barbero

​Brandon Helman

Cameron Wendal

Christopher Spriegel

Heath Hetz

Jack Regal

Logan Lanagan-Blanc

Damien Hacke

Jalen George

Brayden McGarry




Erie Youth Hockey Association (EYHA)


  • EYHA’s spring hockey program offers sessions for kids ages 4-14, and adults.  All games will be played at Erie Insurance Arena, JMC and Mercyhurst.
  • EYHA is the only hockey association in town that is non-profit, and run by experienced volunteer parents and qualified coaches.  EYHA is also the only organization in town that can guarantee your weekday ice times.
  • Equipment rental will be available the last 2 weeks of March – please contact Bridget Dolak at for any questions.
  • If you have questions or need more info, please contact EYHA Spring Hockey Director – Jason Fowler at


Register online at:  www.erieyouthhockey.com


(New Skaters)

  • 5-week session on Saturday Mornings in April.
  • This session is for BRAND NEW skaters between the ages of 4-8 who have never skated in a previous session before.

April 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th

Cost: $95



(Returning Skaters)

  • 5-week session on Saturday Mornings in April.
  • This session is ½ ice games only (no practices).
  • This session is for RETURNING skaters between the ages of 4-8 who skated in Timbits Fall or Winter session.

April 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th

Cost: $75


ADM Spring

  • 5-week session on Saturday Mornings in April.
  • Format is ½ ice games only (no practices). 
  • Kids have to have participated in an ADM session for the 2015/2016 season.
  • 2007 birth years who are currently playing in ADM will have the option to play in this session or full-ice in Squirt division.

April 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th

Cost: $75


('06 & '07)

  • Weekly full ice games with referees.
  • 1 cattle practice + 14 games.
  • for 2006-2007 birth years.

Mar 27th

Jun 7th

Cost: $195




  • Weekly full ice games with referees.  Non-checking.
  • 1 cattle practice + 14 games
  • for 2002-2005 birth years.

Mar 27th

Jun 7th

Cost: $200


Adult Hockey Spring League

Sunday evenings.  3 divisions anticipated.

March –