Sponsored By:   The Allstate Foundation
East Granby, CT

EGLL Community,

Happy New Year to you.  As 2016 is upon us, the East Granby Little League board has been working hard since the end of 2015 on many different activities in preparation for the Spring 2016 season.

Most of you are aware that East Granby Little League is strictly a volunteer organization. All of our board members volunteer their time to keep little league going every year.  Volunteering goes above and beyond just the board members. 

Volunteers run our snack shack and the money raised from the snack shack goes back into little league to pay for all of our baseball and softball umpires for the season.  Over the past two years, we have seen a steady decline in the revenue coming in for the snack shack. The EGLL Board increased registration fees by a small amount due to this decline and to offset what other towns are paying their umpires. During the 2015 season our snack shack revenue was still declining. We will NOT be increasing registration fees this year they will be the same as 2015.  Please be aware that our registrations fees are still lower then most, if not all, the surrounding towns in our district.

As a small community, the only way to keep Little League working affectively is with volunteers.  The EGLL community registering children in 2016 will see an increase in the volunteer fee.  The fee will be increasing from $50 to $100 dollars per family.  This $100 will be charged during the registration process and will be fully refundable upon each family’s volunteer activities.  All requirements to meet East Granby Little Leagues volunteer commitment can be found on the East Granby Little League Website on the volunteer tab.

Thank you all very much and the EGLL Board is looking forward to another great season in 2016.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the EGLL Board of Directors.