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Welcome to the Edison Jets Cheerleading Program. We hope you and your child will find our program to be a rewarding experience. We are anticipating a fun and successful season again this year. Please read over the following general information about our program.



Cheerleading is a TEAM sport. Half time and exhibition routines include dance choreography, formations and stunts. Absences greatly affect overall performance of the entire squad. We ask everyone participating in the Jets Cheerleading program to make a COMMITMENT to each other for the benefit of the squad. Remember you as a parent have agreed to let them cheer. Its a large commitment on yourself too!



CHEER SEASON RUNS FROM AUGUST 1st THRU OCTOBER. If your child has a conflict due to vacation or religion activities please notify the coaching staff immediately in writing. If your child is sick please notify coaching staff. Please be aware your coaches may require a doctor note to return to practice.

Attendance will be taken at each practice and game. Games are mandatory home and away. The success of the team depends on many elements. One of the most important factors is the team practicing together without girls being absent. The cheerleaders will learn partner stunts, formations, dance and cheer segments as well as the components of their routine. Multiple absences will result in a position change for your child.

Again we rely on all children to be there. It’s unfair if routines need to be changed frequently due to your child’s absence. The Head Coach has the right to excuse any absent without the question of any parent/guardians.



YOUR CHILD CANNOT START WITHOUT THEM. Please hand into coaching staff NO LATER than Aug 1st.


  • Registration paid in full
  • Workbond check of $150 (post dated Nov 1st....will be returned at Fun Day if workbond completed)
  • All players are required to present a signed Pop Warner Official Medical Form. All forms must be dated for current year and have physicians original signature and medical address stamped.
  • Original Birth Certificate plus a copy (If your child cheered last year we already have it on file)
  • Two (2) copies of June report card (if applicable)..Portal closes in JUNE for Edison students. PLEASE PRINT EARLY
  • Signed Pop Warner Participant Contract and Parental Consent
  • Parental Agreement

We do like to communicate via text or Remind 101. Please see coaching staff to make sure we have correct contact information.



  • Tshirt/Soffee Short-NO buttons, lace, one piece, or half shirts
  • Hair should be up in a neat ponytail out of face. No headbeads
  • No jewelry is allowed.
  • Nails should be kept short and polish free.
  • All cheerleaders are to wear cheer sneakers or something similar. (Think something suitable for running/exercise) Sketchers and Converse sneakers do not provide proper support. If you are new to this and would like to know what cheer sneakers look like go to www.omnicheer.com They have sneakers for all different price ranges.

If your child comes to practice unprepared your child WILL sit out at that practice. No one wants to see this happen.



At one of our August practice we will give out cheer uniform. Please wear bathing suit under clothes that day ONLY. Uniforms are to be worn at all games. Please keep these in good condition. They are to be returned at the end of season. If they are returned in poor condition or not at all, you will be responsible for the cost of replacement.

You will be required to purchase:

  • HAIR BOW (approx $15)
  • WHITE CHEER SNEAKERS (approx $25)
  • GOTCHIES/SHORTS (approx $10)
  • BODY SUITS (approx $15)

When season comes closer we will have the cost of each item available. Money is due at the time of ordering in Cash Only. Coaches will not be able to cover the cost of cheerleaders. They are volunteers.

While in your uniform you are ONLY ALLOWED WATER and NO EATING. If you plan on staying after your child’s game bring a change of clothes



Practice starts on August 1st. Your Coaches and Trustees will be there to start collecting paperwork if not handed in prior. We will be there five days a week for the first two weeks generally. Your coaches will give you an exact schedule when season nears. After school begins we go down to three days a week starting at 630. We do enter schools at that time. Your coach sets practice schedule according to availability of the schools. As soon as we get the schedule we will inform you. Parents are not allowed to enter school during practices.

  • Please have cheerleaders come to practice with plenty of water/Gatorade. Make sure the childs name is on it.
  • CHEERLEADERS NEED TO BE PICKED UP BY A PARENT/GUARDIAN. If someone else will be picking up you must notify Coaching staff immediately. We will only release to an adult unless otherwise notified. NO EXCEPTIONS!



Home games are played at the Edison Jets field or Edison High School. Games are played Saturday nights typically starting at 3pm last game 830pm or Sundays starting at 9 and last game being at 530. Parents are responsible for the transportation of their child to/from activities. If you have a conflict reach out to other players parents. Don't be afraid to ask!!! Central Jersey will also send out game times. Please wait for your coach to confirm all games. Schedules change frequently unless you hear from your coach due not assume game time is correct. It is your responsibility to have your child there on time. Each coach has their own policy if your child is late to report time.

Games times are subject to change



All cheerleaders must always be respectful towards coaches, teaching staff and other team members. All cheerleaders must display good sportsmanship and respect in manners to the organizations, team members and opposing teams.

  • Cheerleaders must remember that they are a team representing the Edison Jets and should always conduct themselves in a proper manner
  • All parents and spectators must conduct themselves in a lawful and sportsman like manner at any Pop Warner activity.



Volunteer assignments our required by the league. Two kitchen duties and 1 game are required. Unless opting out there are no exceptions. There is ample amount of opportunities to complete these assignments. Do not become overwhelmed!! Other workbonds are available and are usually sent out by email through the league.



Fall Festival Performance on Amboy Ave in front of Heritage at Clara Barton TBD

Competition for all levels Sun Bank Arena in Trenton. TBD Tickets are $25 presale but is subject to change

Garden States (Jr. Pee Wee, Pee Wee, JV, and Varsity)TBD Tickets are $25 presale but is subject to change

Regionals (Jr. Pee Wee, Pee Wee, JV, and Varsity)TBD Tickets are $30 presale but is subject to change

Nationals (Jr. Pee Wee, Pee Wee, JV, and Varsity) Typically the first week of December