Bedford Girls Softball League, Bedford NH USA


Come Up Throwing

This drill emphasizes fielding grounders correctly, and getting the ball out of the glove and to first or second base quickly -


- Bucket of balls

- Bucket "seat" for coach

- Girls require a glove

- empty bucket



  1. Line the player up behind shortstop position
  2. Place one player at first place position with the empty bucket
  3. Quickly roll a ball to each player in line, that player fields the ball (emphasize style over speed until they improve their form)
  4. The fielding player "comes up throwing" - after fielding the ball in the glove, start the throwing motion while standing up from the fielding crouch and rotating the body into the proper throwing stance (feet lined up to point at the target).  Try to get the girls fluid, using one motion to get the ball out of their hands and toward the target.
  5. The recieving player drops the ball in the bucket and goes to the back of the line, the fielding player takes the bucket players place.

Try to get the kids moving as fast as you can to minimize the standing around - but don't let them lose their form - they will revert to facing the target and trying to throw a dart at it if you let them.



- Use an incrediball or similar and have them take their gloves off - this forces them to get the glove and under and cover with the throwing hand - also stress that properly covering saves time, the ball is already in their hand and they don't need to waste time on a transfer

- Have them throw underhand to second - lots of time the shortstop will take too much time coming up, it's a lot faster just to flip it underhand - it also avoids the hundred MPH throw from 4 feet away