Bedford Girls Softball League, Bedford NH USA


Throwing Relay

Line the girls up in 2 lines. Spread them out until the lines go from near home plate to the outfield fence. Have them relay the ball from one end of the line to the other and back, as many times as you want. First one to complete wins. This is a good drill to end a practice on, it's quick and easy to set up and run. Most times the losing team does a lap around the field, or something similar.



Pop Fly Drill

Have the girls line up in two lines behind each other about 30 feet apart (closer for younger players).  Throw 2 pop flies,  toward one side or the other, far enough from the player that she has to run for it.  Make sure the player fielding the ball calls out (I GOT IT!), and the other side positions herself as a backup.


Things to stress:

 - Don't run to the ball with hands up - it slows them down.

 - Get under the ball, then put both hands up, covering with the throwing hand.

 - Turn and make a good throw - better to be accurate and a little late than overthrow and give a runner an extra base or two.


Wide Receiver Drill

Throw the ball over the shoulder of a stationary outfielder, as if you are a quarterback leading a wide reciever. Put some arc on the ball, and try to get them to turn around and run to the ball - not backpedal. 


Things to stress:

- Again, don't run with your hands up - slows you down

- Don't backpedal more than a few steps

- Stress that it's better to over-run the ball than to stop short - better to keep the ball in front of you


Ultimate Softball Game

This is a great game to play to teach fielding skills - make two "goals" buy placing cones at distance.  A goal is scored when a player throws to a teammate across the goal line.  Alternate "kickoffs" by throwing a high pop fly to a team at their own goal line.  In order for a goal to count, a team must complete at least 3 or 4 throws and catches (depending on the size of the "field") before scoring.