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Northeast Wolfpack Sports Scholarship Program
 Accepting applications beginning August 1st 2018. 

Send all information along with signed agreement below to wolfpackprez18@gmail.com

Our scholarship program supports our goal to allow every player to have the opportunity to play sports even when financial hardship affects a family.
Each year, pending financing and with Board approval, (NE.W.S.) will allot a designated amount of scholarship funds to sponsor players that are in need of financial assistance.
The (NE.W.S.) Board of Directors will review only fully completed applications and provide notification to all applicants.     All information will be held in strict confidence by the (NE.W.S.) Board for sole purposes of determining qualification for the scholarship program. Interested applicants should complete the scholarship application and submit completed applications to wolfpackprez18@gmail.com. (NE.W.S.)  expects each scholarship recipient and family to maintain good sportsmanship throughout the season.  Additionally, we ask that the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the player make a commitment for their player to attend all practices and games, and provide or arrange for transportation for the player.

Northeast Wolfpack Sports Association wants to make available the opportunity for kids from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to play football.   This assistance will be for registration fees and will be funded with monies from outside of registration fee revenue.
Maximum Number of Scholarships:
The maximum of scholarships per year will not exceed 10% of total registrations per year.
To be eligible for a scholarship the following criteria must be met:
  1. Priority will be given to children living within the Northeast schools Articulation boundary. If sufficient funds are remaining, we will consider awarding scholarships to children outside of the articulation boundaries.
  2. Family’s Account must be in good standing with no balances past due
  3. Parents/Guardians commit that the athlete will attend a minimum of 80% of all schedule practices and games.
  4. Parents/Guardians agree, upon reasonable notice, to volunteer 8 hours MINIMUM per grant recipient.  Volunteer hours must be completed prior to the end of the football season.
  5. Only 1 grant per family.
  6. Special circumstances may be considered by the Wolfpack Scholarship Board for situations that do not fit the above requirements.
The information that Northeast Wolfpack Scholarship Committee will need to be provided to for consideration is per the following:
  1.  A written letter requesting scholarship funds with reason(s) why your player should receive scholarship.
  2. Copy of current registration form
  3. Signed copy of the Wolfpack Scholarship Policy
  4. Provide one or more of the following:  (Note the more information provide better assistance in making our decision on a grant)
    1. Written confirmation that you are receiving assistance from programs such as: Food Stamps, Medicaid, SSI, Foster Care, WIC, etc.
    2. Written recommendation by school representatives, social workers, youth community center workers or other social services representatives.
    3. Written statement of an immediate financial hardship and/or copy of the dec page of the previous year’s tax return.
All items can be emailed to , or mailed to 18601 Green Valley ranch blvd 108 #161 ATTN: – Scholarship Program-  no later than one week prior to the closing of registration.  Incomplete applications will automatically be denied.
All scholarships will be reviewed and set for recommendation to the Executive Board  by NEWSA Scholarship Committee . The NEWSA Executive Board will approve the scholarships at the Board Meeting scheduled in July.
Scholarships are awarded on a first come first service basis, with requests from NEW 1st year players taking priority over request from returning players.  The NEWSA Board reserves the right to make any adjustments to the level of scholarship funds offered for each request.   
All families and players awarded scholarships must adhere to all code of conduct rules and regulations.  Including any and all people attending any football practices and/or games on their behalf.  Failure to comply with the rules and regulations could result in the loss of a current or future scholarship.
Areas for Volunteering Hours: Families must be willing to volunteer 8 minimum hours to NEWSA and the team, preferably with the child receiving the scholarship.  Potential areas include but not limited to:
Football Camp  
Equipment Sale  
Carnation Bowl  
General Services throughout season
  • Setting up/Breaking down fields
  • Concessions sales for the association and/or team
  • Assisting with fundraising projects
The NEWSA Board may choose to use any excess scholarship funds to award additional scholarships of up to 100% of registration or to assist in purchasing football gear for those players who are receiving scholarships.
Funding will be done independently of registration fees. Some areas of funding will be:
  • Profits from apparel sales
  • Board members that chose to pay registration fee
  • Corporation donations to NEWSA (not specific team sponsorships)
  • Any additional funds collected for the Scholarship Fund by NEWSA

I am Parent/Guardian of _______________________________________- and  have read and understand the NEWSA Scholarship Policy.   If I fail to comply with completing my designated volunteer hours, I understand that any scholarship for future years could be denied.    I confirm that the information provided to GMJFA for approval of a scholarship is true and represents the current condition of our family financial position.

Date: ______________             Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________________


                                           (COPY AND PASTE TO DOCUMENT ALL OF ABOVE TO SEND WITH APPLICATION)