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Your Volunteer Job Assignment


You will receive a confirmation email from Cindy Rouille, our Volunteer Chairperson, before the Festival to let you know about your job at the festival and the shift you will be working.

What should you bring?

Make sure to wear sun block and perhaps a hat and/or sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. If it is rainy, please wear layers and bring raingear as we will proceed in the rain. Bring a water bottle as we will have a water truck where you can get free water.

Volunteer Check In

Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before your shift begins. This may mean that you need to arrive 30 minutes early to allow for walking from your parking spot.

2016 Volunteer ShirtEven if you know your assignment, please go immediately to the VOLUNTEER/ INFORMATION Tent located in the center of Waterfront Park and north of the biggest white tent. Give your name to the Volunteer coordinator.  You will receive your volunteer shirt. Please wear this shirt during your shift so you can be recognized as a volunteer. The shirt is yours to keep as our thank you.

Please remain at your post until the next volunteer relieves you. Please let Staff know if your replacement has not arrived.

If You Become Ill or Unavoidably Late

It is essential that you contact the Volunteer Coordinator at ph. 802-922-8413 as soon as you realize that you have an issue. We will have to try to get someone to handle your job.

Volunteer Parking

Parking is at a premium on Festival Day. There is new free parking in front of the new skate board park which will take approximately 85 vehicles. There is additional parking available in the North Field which is located directly west of the waterfront park and will be manned by Festival Parking volunteers. Parking becomes very full after 0800 and may warrant parking in one of the garages in town or at the public parking space just south of the waterfront park on the corner of College and Lake St. These spaces are paid parking spots with daily or hourly fees.  After parking report to the Volunteer/Information Tent in the Waterfront Park to get your assignment. This link will show parking areas in the City of Burlington. Parking lots available in the City of Burlington.