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    Success in sports is not a matter of chance. It involves a conscious effort requiring both knowledge and commitment. As studies have shown, more often than not, an athlete's mental game plays an equally important role in his or her success. Coaches may agree on this point, but typically they limit their mental conditioning efforts to inconsequential phrases, such as "stay positive, keep focused, play with heart, stay relaxed,” etc. Beyond this, little attention is devoted to the subject and that is mainly because the role of mental conditioning is seldom fully understood and/or appreciated. Competing in sports is 100% physical and 100% mental.

    The philosophy of a mental conditioning program is to increase thought awareness and to teach mental skills that can be applied to competition in order to help athletes achieve their goals on or off the field. Some topics include: attitude, concentration, composure, periodizational preparation, dealing with injury/adversity/anxiety, confidence, motivation, goal-setting, and life skills.