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Benefits of a Mental Conditioning Program:

  • Performance Enhancement:  Focusing on areas that directly assist with improving on-field mental conditioning.
  • Intra-personal Growth Development:  Becoming more self-aware of how the athlete views himself/herself both on and off the field.
  • Inter-personal Growth Development:  Developing skills that assist in the positive interaction with others and enhancing communication skills.
  • Counseling Assessment:  Occasionally, various concerns warrant further professional counseling assistance (helping to implement a structure which serves the individual athlete’s needs).
  • Attitude Development:  The emergence of a persistent positive approach in dealing with the inevitable fluctuations of athletic and academic competition.
  • Professional Development:  To help support athletes in personal growth areas (school and social issues, decision making, etc.) by providing resources (articles, situational analysis, information, etc.) and relevant themes to enhance student-athletes development both on the field and in life.