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Individual Consultation:  The best way to enhance an individual's performance is through one-on-one consultation. Sessions include an assessment of possible presenting problems and the implementation of appropriate mental skills. Whether you are an amateur, professional, or weekend warrior, individual sessions on the course, court, or field is the most effective way to enhance performance. 

Team-building and Development:  Team consultation benefits the team as a whole by supervising team-building activities and obtaining a better understanding of their team's unique personality. Consultation with teams can assist in identifying their strengths and building upon those while properly assessing weaknesses and addressing those weaknesses accordingly.

Mental Toughness Classes:  Coaches can have their team attend weekly mental toughness classes during the off-season together as a team to review past successes and failures and learn to enhance on-field mental strategies as well as increase team unity. 

Golf Events/Outings:  If you would like to enhance your corporate outing, Coach Buck offers a pre-round presentation discussing "Fearless Golf" techniques and, during the round, Coach Buck can assist individuals/clients on the tee, fairway, or green.