North Torrance Girls Softball League (NTGSL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of good sportmanship achieved through healthful and postive recreation for girls. The goal will be attained by recruitment and training of qualified

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Required Registration Documents

NTGSL requires that the following information be provided each season before a player can be officially registered to play at NTGSL.

  • Copy of official birth certificate (copy of Extract of Birth is not acceptable) Will only need to be provided once.
  1. Driver’s License- All parent who will be volunteering ( Team Parent, Scorekeeper, Field Help, Coaches, Managers)
  2. Medical records for any disabilities that should be on filed to inform Managers and Board only. Will be kept confidential.
  3. Code of Conduct 
  4. Photo/ Media Release Form 
  5. All Star Consideration Form 
  6. ASA Background Clearance Form 
  7. Volunteer Form