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SKY Newsletter May 2016!


Tryouts-  Tryout registration will be online at skysoccer.org.  Please make sure to preregister your players for tryouts this year.  We will allow walk ups as well but this will help us get ahead with the registration process.  If for any reason your player will not be attending tryouts make sure to make note of that in the comment section of the registration form.


In the future, it is vital that your player attends tryouts.  As we move forward and begin to grow it is also important to try to plan vacations a little later in the summer.  Our teams will attend KY State Open Cup in U13-U19 and we expect them to play deep into the tournament in the coming years.  That means that State Open Cup is Memorial Day weekend and the final four is always the following weekend, first weekend in June.  This is why we moved tryouts back a week.  If teams win the state title then they will attend the Midwest Regional Championships and that is played around the 3rd weekend in June.  This year the Region 2 Championships begin June 24, 2016.  It would be extremely disappointing for players to miss state cup and/or training leading up to the Regional Championships.  This is an unbelievable experience for players, coaches, and parents and tremendous accomplishment.  Our desire is to be able to compete in every age group at this level.


AGE GROUP CHANGE-  As most of you know the age groups will change this year with the new rule coming from the US Soccer Federation.  All players will play in their proper birth year.  For example, if you were born on August 1, 2002, you will be expected to play in the 2002 age group or the new U15.  I know and understand that we have players playing up in age groups currently in order to field teams.  This will not be common practice as we move forward.  There are certain times where players need to play and train up with older teams in order to continue their development.  Those should be rare occasions and to the benefit of the individual players.  These situations in the future will be handled by the Director of Coaching and the coaches in the age groups to make sure we are helping each player develop at their own speed.  We do not want to overload the player forcing them to play against kids that are 12 months older than them if they are not ready.  Some guidelines that we will look at in the future will be that a player should only play up on a team if they are considered to be a difference maker on the older team and can push the older players in the training environment.  We would not want to push a player up to an older team if they were a role player.  For this tryout, ALL Players  need to tryout in their proper birth year unless approved otherwise by the Director of Coaching. 


Demosphere is Here!!!-  We have exciting changes coming to our website over the next few weeks.  So you should be excited as we move forward with these changes.  Demosphere will be our new software and it will allow for us to showcase our teams, players, coaches, and sponsors!  As a family you will have much easier access to your schedules from your phones with the new apps.  Our aim is to make this an enjoyable experience for all involved from our recreational side to our travel teams and we want to set the bar high as we phase into the next few years with the program!!!


SKY VISION-  As the new Director of Coaching, I am very excited about the opportunity to grow and teach the game here at SKY.  In our Recreational side I am looking forward to working with the volunteer coaches to help provide the young players with a good foundation for future growth.  We also want to help develop a love for the game and a passion for the “SKY Uniform and Badge”.  We will help players and family’s transition into the select side at U8 and U9, where they are able to learn and train with more competitive players as well as learn under the direction of our professional SKY coaching staff.  These players will grow under our age appropriate training curriculum that follows the United State Soccer Federation Guidelines for player development.  The training ground is where players develop and it will be important that players come to learn and improve every day.  Games are the test to see what the players are learning in training and if they can put those techniques and tactics into play while dealing with pressure.   We will showcase these players as they go through the program in college showcase events and help parents to understand the recruiting process as we set up college information nights.  The dream will be to see some of our players go through the Olympic Development Program and maybe one day we have a national team player that has been developed and grown from day 1 at SKY Soccer Club.  Ultimately, when you do things this way within your club the good things will follow such as winning state cups and competing at the highest level of US Youth Soccer.  Success has no short cuts, we have all the resources in place to achieve these goals!  I look forward to working with all of you as we move into this direction!

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Thank you,

Evan Sutherland

Executive Director of Coaching