JUNE 23-24, 2018 | North East, MAryland

                                            | West Chester, Pennsylvania





- FULL regulation size fields
- All teams guaranteed at least 4 games
- 2019s–2021s will play a Showcase Format; 4 Round Robin games of equal weighted competition
- 2022s–2025s will play a Championship Format
- Running clock with a central horn


- Westchester Elite 2019

- Westchester Elite 2020 Blue

- Westchester Elite 2020 White

- Westchester Elite 2021

- Westchester Elite 2022

- Westchester Elite 2023/2024




In order to give ALL teams a positive tournament experience,

with comfortable block scheduling, we are making the following adjustments:


- All 2023s-2026s will play Saturday and Sunday at West Chester University, in West Chester, PA.

There will NOT be any Friday games!


-  All 2019s-2022s will play Saturday and Sunday at Calvert Regional Park (Current Venue), in Rising Sun, MD.

There will NOT be any Friday games!


Special Notes:

1.  The two complexes are about 35 miles apart, and they share a similar hotel network. There are a number of teams currently staying in the Wilmington area for this tournament.  These hotels are only about 15 miles from West Chester University. 

Therefore, you may not have to or want to change any of your hotel accommodations.  


3.  The added venue is CLOSER to New England, NY, and NJ, and PA teams and will have shorter travel times.