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updated 2/13/2022

Rules of the Game


Rules Enforcement

All playing rules of the tournament listed here will be enforced by the Referees.    All Referee decisions regarding play and rule enforcement for any single game are FINAL.  When the clock starts, the assigned game Referee is IN CHARGE.


Who Can Participate?

The tournament is open to players in grades 1 through 12, as well as all adults. A designated coach is required for all youth teams (1st thru 8th grade).   A player may not participate on multiple teams.


Team Roster / Uniforms

4 players max


3 + 1 substitute


A team may have only 3 players on the court at any time.  All games must start with at least 3 players on each team. At least 2 players are required to complete a game. Teams are asked to wear uniforms or tops/jerseys of a matching color



Divisions 1 thru High School are divided by current grade level.  All teams will participate in the division that aligns with the OLDEST rostered player


If minimum # of required entries are met, High School Division will be divided into two Divisions, one consisting of grades 9 & 10, another for grades 11 & 12.


All participants 18 and older that do not qualify for the High School Division shall play in the Adult Division



1 or 2 per court


Time / Score keeper(s)

1 or 2 per court



1 or 2 points.  All baskets, including FTs are one (1) point unless scored from behind the 2-Pt Arc 



1 per team


All time-outs are 60 seconds.  The time clock will stop during time-outs


Ball Size

Divisions 1 & 2       

27.5 in Ball  (Size 5 - Youth) 


Divisions 3 thru 6 Boys        

28.5 in Ball  (Size 6 - Women’s)


Divisions 3 - Adult  Girls       

28.5 in Ball  (Size 6 - Women’s)


Divisions 7 - Adult  Boys      

29.5 in Ball  (Size 7 - Official)


Basket Height, 

Divisions 1 & 2      8 ft basket and 10 ft FT line       12 ft  2-PT line


Free Throw Distance &

Divisions 3 & 4      9 ft basket and 12 ft FT line       15 ft  2-PT line


2-Point Arc distance

Div. 5 thru Adult     10 ft basket and 15 ft FT line     20 ft  2-PT line


Game Duration

Play to 20  -  (15- or 20-minute running clock*)


*Divisions 1 thru 6:  15 Minutes / Divisions 7 thru Adult: 20 Minutes


If a team reaches 20 Points prior to expiration of the time limit, that team is the winner and the game ends.   If a team reaches 20 points prior to time expiring that team does not have to win by 2


Initial Possession

A Coin Toss will determine which team puts the ball in play first


Checked Ball Rule

The ball must be 'checked' by an opposing player before it is put into play.  The check-in must occur behind the 'take-back' line (2-Pt Arc).  The offensive player putting the ball in play may not shoot or advance inside the 2-PT arc but must pass the ball into play. The  pass may occur anywhere on the court, but the on-ball defender must remain behind the take-back line.  The standard '5 second' inbounds rule applies.


Change of Possession

The ball will change possession after scored baskets and all free throw attempts with the exception of Technical, Intentional or Flagrant fouls.  There will be no "make it, take it" rule.


Ball Out of Bounds

A ball out of bounds will always be taken from the back-court line.


Jump Ball

In a jump ball situation the ball will go first to the team that lost the opening coin toss, with alternating possessions thereafter.



Dunking is not allowed at any time, including during warm-ups.  Dunking will be assessed as an unsportsmanlike act and result in a technical foul and nullification of a made 'dunked' basket.



Stalling is prohibited.  Stalling is a style of play that does not actively attempt to advance the ball towards the basket.  Stalling to run out the clock for an extended period of time to preserve a win will be considered unsportsmanlike and will first result in a warning and subsequently in a technical foul.  Reminder: Any inbounds from behind the take-back line is subject to the same 5-second rule as in any standard  league basketball game.


Takeback Rule

After each change of possession where a basket is not made, and the ball remains live, the new team now in possession must ALWAYS bring the ball outside of the 2-point line (Take Back line) prior to attempting to score.  No “Check” is required in this circumstance.  A legal take back has been made when the “2 out of 3” rule has been satisfied.


Ball In Pay

At the beginning of the game, after any made basket or when resuming after any stoppage of play the ball must be “checked” by an opposing player before it is put into play  (See Checked Ball Rule)  The offensive player putting the ball into play after receiving the “Check” from the defender is not allowed to shoot immediately or to advance the ball inside of the 2-point line on his/her own via dribble.  (Referees and players: Treat this as you would any in-bounds pass, where the defender may not cross the line while defending pass.  All other players may move freely anywhere on the court)  The offensive player may move via dribble while remaining outside of the 2-point line (Take-Back Line) but may not shoot until ball is put into play via a legal Check-In pass.  A hand off to a player of the same team behind the 2-Point Arc is permitted.  


In games consisting of players entering grades 1 & 2 played on an 8-foot basket, the initial pass, if made behind the 2-point arc, may not be stolen by any defender.  At this level after the initial pass is made and completed, stealing is allowed.


Takeback Rule

After each change of possession where a basket is not made, and the ball remains live, the new team now in possession must ALWAYS bring the ball outside of the 2-point line (Take Back line) prior to attempting to score.  No “Check” is required in this circumstance.  A legal take back has been made when the “2 out of 3” rule has been satisfied.


2 out of 3' Rule            (Takeback rule cont.)

“2 Out Of 3” Rule:  Legal Take Back after a change in possession without a made basket.  A player has successfully taken either the ball and one foot or both feet behind the take back line.  2 out of 3 refers to any 2 (ball and 1 foot or 2 feet) of the 3 (ball and both feet) being simultaneously behind the take back line prior to attacking the basket by either pass, shot or dribble.


Clock Stoppages

The 15 / 20-minute clock is stopped only during team time-outs or if the referee or score keeper stops play for a player injury or other unusual circumstance. If neither team has reached a score of 20 points, the court monitor or referee shall stop the game after the game clock expires.


Winning the Game

• A Team that reaches 20 points in regulation is the winner - No 'win by 2'


• A team that is ahead at end of regulation is the winner - No 'win by 2'


• At the end of regulation if the teams are tied, the Overtime Rules will be initiated


Overtime Rules

In Overtime: The winner is the first team to reach the Target Score


The Target Score is determined by adding three (3) points to the score at the end of regulation.  Example: Tied 14-14, first team to 17 wins


Fouls - Live Ball

Referees will call all fouls, both during play and for any unsportsmanlike action. The word of the referee is final on all fouls. 


All called fouls shall result in one free throw. All FTs are worth one (1) point, unless the foul occurs during a missed 2 point shot, in which case the FT will count as two (2) points. 


If a foul is called on a made shot attempt, a single 'AND-1' FT will be awarded in addition to the basket.  This FT is worth one (1) point


During a FT, the opposing team shall not intentionally disrupt the shooter


FTs are dead ball situations and possession changes regardless of the result of the attempt


Flagrant and Intentional Fouls

A flagrant foul may be called for violent play or an overly aggressive foul that can potentially cause injury to the opponent.  An intentional foul is one committed without a direct play on the ball.  A flagrant foul or intentional foul results in one point for the offended team and possession of the ball. The player committing the foul may be suspended from play for the remainder of that game and potentially for the rest of the tournament.   (Referee discretion - no appeals)


Unsportsmanlike or   Technical Fouls

A technical foul may be called by a referee or Rules Official for unsportsmanlike acts such as taunting, baiting, stalling or trash talk.  THIS IS A COMMUNITY, CHARITY EVENT SPONSORED BY A CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATION AND PARTICIPANTS ARE EXPECTED TO CONDUCT THEMSELVES ACCORDINGLY.  A technical foul results in one (1) point for the offended team and possession of the ball.



Substitutions are unlimited and may be allowed at any dead ball, time-out or after any made basket.  The player wishing to sub in should position themselves at or near the score keeper's table. Any team member may notify the referee of the intention to substitute a player, and substitutions will take place at the Referee's discretion Substitutions should not be allowed to stall or 'kill time' near the end of a game.


Combined Divisions

Whenever possible, the Hoopalooza Committee will attempt to place each grade level and gender grouping into its own division.  While every attempt is made to secure the minimum # of teams in each Division, Hoopalooza cannot always alleviate lack of participation in a particular age grouping.  In these cases, multiple Divisions may be grouped together at the Committee's discretion, always with the main interest of keeping the skill levels of the participating teams relatively balanced.  There will always be teams of greater skill level than others, even within each age and Division, and the tournament committee cannot be expected to control every discrepancy in skill level between competing teams.  While Hoopalooza is indeed a competition, its main focus is Fun and Family.  This should always be kept front of mind by all participants, volunteers, and committee members.


Safety & Equipment

No player shall be allowed to wear a guard, cast, hard brace or other potentially dangerous equipment on his or her elbow, hand, wrist, finger, or forearm, including equipment made of hard leather, plastic, plaster, or metal—even if the equipment is covered with soft padding.  Soft braces, sleeves and wraps will be allowed unless they pose a danger to other players.  In addition, jewelry, hair bands and clips should not be allowed.  Referees will check each participant prior to every game to ensure a safe environment. As always, the Hoopalooza Referees are the final say to disallow any equipment or apparel that are judged to be dangerous or inappropriate.


AHSAA / NCAA Eligibility 

All high school and college players are encouraged to check with their coaches and/or athletic directors about participating in Hoopalooza and any potential effects on their eligibility.  Alabama High School participants are encouraged to check all AHSAA participation rules re: out of season participation.  Christ the King Booster Club is not responsible for determining an athlete’s eligibility under AHSAA,  National Collegiate Athletic Association or any other applicable state high school association rules.


Refunds / Rainchecks

No refunds of entry fees shall be issued unless at minimum 72 hours’ notice is given to the Tournament Chairperson that a team will not be able to participate.  In extreme circumstances that cause the delay/postponement/cancellation of the tournament, full or partial refunds and or rainchecks (credit towards entry in a future Hoopalooza event) may be issued at the discretion of the Hoopalooza Committee.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will refunds of cash, check or any other instrument of real value be issued at the Hoopalooza tournament on the day of the event.  All refunds/credits will be determined and issued at a later date by the Hoopalooza Committee and these decisions will be clearly communicated to the affected participants in a timely manner.


After Each Game

After each game, the WINNING TEAM is responsible for collecting the Score Card for that game from the Score Keeper's Table and returning it immediately to the Hoopalooza Tournament Headquarters so that the result can be posted.  It is the WINNING TEAM'S responsibility to verify the correct score and result with the Score keeper AND at the Tournament Headquarters and that the correct result is posted to the Tournament Bracket.  At that time each team may see via the posted bracket the time and court # for their next game (if applicable).  Please ask a Hoopalooza Volunteer (Red shirts) for assistance with finding your assigned court and game time.