Dogs - Grades K-12 that attend any schools within the Chandler, Hamilton, & ACP CUSD boundaries.


As of the fall of 2018, The Chandler Lacrosse Club is pleased to announce we are growing into our own and becoming an independent club in the Chandler area.  Until now we have been a part of the One Team Lacrosse family but the growth trajectory for Lacrosse in Chandler dictates that we now “graduate” from One Team’s excellent tutelage and support and shoulder a greater part of the burden of growing Lacrosse in our community.
As before, we will continue to offer instruction and league play for players throughout the elementary to high school age spectrum.  Our coaching staff is experienced, motivated, and aligned on an “individualized personal development” approach to teaching budding student athletes.  They have all been players at the College and or High School level and work hard to maximize practice efficiency through the use of practice planning at the daily and weekly level.  Our philosophy is that winning is a by product of hard work, preparation, a positive team spirit and, perhaps most importantly, pure enjoyment of playing the sport.  If this sounds good to you, then please join us!
At the administrative level, we are run by a very active and forward looking board of directors and supported by a dedicated group of player’s parents.  With a team like this, and dedicated coaches and players of all ages, it is looking like the sky is the limit.

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  EIN: 32-0566141