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Your 2018 All Star Committee is made up of:

David Sazama, George Gosztola, Shelly Lambert, Molly Schoeb, Pauline Floyd and Kathy Powers.  You can find contact information for these Board Members on our Contact Us tab HERE

All Star team information and FAQ's:

All-Stars is a commitment to play on the West Seattle Little League Tournament team. Teams compete in the District Tournament against the other 8 teams in District 7 with the winner advancing on to State.  Once the All-Star teams are selected, a commitment must be firm.

How many All Star teams are there?

There are three All Star teams and all teams are based on LEAGUE age (not necessarily player age).  There is a 9/10 year old team, a 10/11 year old team, and a 11/12 year old team.

How can your player be considered for All Stars?

To Opt in and be considered for an All Star team you must fill out the commitment survey sent by the Player Agent.  This should be completed by May 15th each year.  

What is the commitment to All-Stars?

If a player is selected for All-Stars, they must commit to attend all practices (usually held daily prior to the start of the tournament) and all tournament games (through District and State for 9/10 and 10/11, through District, State, Regionals and World Series for 11/12).  

What does All-Stars cost?

Costs are determined at the start of each All Star season and will be stated in the initial email from the league.  

Why doesn't WSLL hold try outs?

The entire season is a try out and we prefer to view the player performance in real games against other top players as the best judge of their ability to compete at the highest levels. A tryout is one data point in time, much as the evaluations at the beginning of the season, shows more of the player's capabilities.

Who votes for All Stars?

There are multiple voting mechanisms for the teams:

1)  The players vote for their top choices and the top 3 player-votes for each team automatically make a team.  

2)  The Managers and one coach from each team discuss and vote for the next 6 players on each team.

3)  The All Star manager selects the last 3-4 players for each team.  The All Star manager will determine whether they want to carry 12 or 13 players on a team (playing rules change depending on how many players are on a team).

The votes are based on the criteria listed below with the intent to field the best team.

Player selection criteria:

a.) Ability to pitch.

b.) Ability to play the middle infield and catcher position

c.) Overall ability to play defense including all infield and outfield positions.

d.) Overall understanding of how to play the game

e.) Batting skills such as bunting, knowledge of strike zone, ability to get on base.

f.) Positive sportsmanship and attitude towards coaches, players and umpires on and off the field.

How are the All-Star team Manager and Coach selected?

Managers and coaches interested in being the All Star manager submit a letter of interest.  In the event that there is more than one interested party, a vote will take place with the regular season managers and top 2-4 umpires to select the AS manager for each team.

When will All-Star player selections be made and when are announcements? 

All-Star player selection dates change each season, but the selections are usually made and announced the first week in June. 

How can I find out why my player was not selected for All-Stars?

You cannot find out about a player’s voting score.  Information on each player’s voting score is not to be discussed with anyone outside of the selection meeting. 

Where do I find more information on the Player and Manager Selection process?

You will find all the details on our current selection process for Players, Manager and Coaches in the West Seattle Little League Bylaws.