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Team Lax for Leukemia originated with a great family: Coach Patrick Young, wife Kelly, daughter Ella and sons Ryan and Noah. 
Miss Ella is 6 years old, and she currently has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
Ella was diagnosed in July 2014 and was given a treatment plan that will take her through a two and a half year battle that she intends to win. She is doing well, her spirit is strong, and she has now entered the maintenance phase of treatment.
During hospital visits, Ella and her family have met and been blessed by wonderful people at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, including the ambassadors that bring special toys to children for them to enjoy as they are receiving treatment.
Team Lax for Leukemia evolved from a desire to raise awareness, to raise funds to donate items to the hospital to help children like Ella, and to do it all while playing a fantastic sport. Attending tournaments as a team is a wonderful way to gain exposure for this worthy cause.
Lax for Leukemia is a 501(c)(3) organization. We welcome donations to aid in our efforts to spread to the word through playing lacrosse, and all proceeds will continue to support Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.