Raider Youth Lacrosse provides a recreational lacrosse league for youth lacrosse players in grades K-8 in east Round Rock, Hutto, and Pflugerville, TX. We are the affiliate youth program of Cedar Ridge HS lacrosse club, serving youth lacrosse players fee

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Wall ball - one of the best drills for practicing catching, throwing, and shooting a lacrosse ball. All you need is a wall, your stick, and a ball. (make sure there are no windows around or your ball won’t hit anything you might get in trouble for breaking!  25 on each hand, left and right.

Passing  - How the ball is moved quickly down field.  Throw over hand or underhand to each other

Scooping  - how you pick up a loose ground ball. Bend toward the ground, slides the pocket of his stick underneath the ball, and lifts it into the netting of the stick.

Cradling  - maintaining control of the ball when moving along the field, players turn their wrists and arms to cradle the ball in the stick pocket

Basic Fundamentals


Length of Game: Bantam & Lightning games are 12 minute quarters on a running clock; 10 minute half time.  Each team has 2, two minute time outs per half.  Games are on average an hour.  Junior & Senior games are 10 minute quarters, stop clock.  10 minute half time. Each team has 2, two minute time outs per half.   Games average an hour to hour & half.  At the end of each half, teams switch ends.


Offensive players maneuver down the field toward the goal by running with or passing the ball to a team mate. Players can run the entire length of the field as long as they are not offside's by not leaving enough players in the defensive end.  Offensive players cannot enter the crease area that surrounds the goal. The crease is a circle that surrounds the goal and it is where the goalie works.  Defensive players can enter the crease area.

Basic Play: Play begins with a face off in the center Face-off square or circle. The lacrosse face off is similar to a hockey face off. Two opponents face each other and try to win possession of the ball. Once a player is able to pick the ball up with their stick possession occurs.


The object: The object of lacrosse is to score the most points. Points are scored when a player kicks, nudges, bats with the stick, or throws with their stick the ball into the opponents net scoring a goal. Each goal is one point.   Players cannot use their hands to throw the ball into the net. One point per goal.