Raider Youth Lacrosse provides a recreational lacrosse league for youth lacrosse players in grades K-8 in east Round Rock, Hutto, and Pflugerville, TX. We are the affiliate youth program of Cedar Ridge HS lacrosse club, serving youth lacrosse players fee

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Goalie –protects the goal! Quick reflexes, understanding of the game.  Should be calling orders to defenders.  Goalie has the best field vision and can tell his team who has the ball.

Defenders – the enforcers.  Cutting off the opponent angles to the goal.  Very physical.  They position themselves between attack & goal. Need to be quick on their feet.  Defenders also clear the ball down the field after a turnover in the defensive zone.

Attack men – spend their time on the opponents end of the field, they can’t cross the midfield line.  Extremely agile stick handlers, good with both hands.  Usually your goal scorers, also help with assists.

Midfielder (middie) – allowed to move over the entire field.  Best all around athletes on the team, should be able to run a lot. They move the ball from the defensive end of the field to the offensive end.