Lacrosse equipment may be rented from Carlisle Youth Lacrosse prior to the start of the spring season, to be returned at the conclusion of the season. There will be a rental fee and a deposit, the deposit will be returned when the equipment is returned in good, clean condition.

Buying your own lacrosse equipment will enable your child to participate in more out-of-season activites.

Dick's Sporting Goods has the best local selection of lacrosse equipment, Dunham's Sports has a more limited selection of gear but usually offers lower prices and coupons.

Sideline Swap, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace are good places to look for used equipment. Often the individuals selling their equipment on these websites have only used the equipment for one season.

www.laxsteals.com is another good source for lacrosse equipment, they sell just one item at a time but the prices are very good.