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Program Fee:

Foundation Soccer Club North strives to keep their fees very competitive with other local premier clubs. Our all inclusive fee covers:

  • Three seasons: Fall, Winter and Spring

  • Each age group is offered 2-3 trainings per week

  • Games during all 3 seasons and 2-3 tournaments throughout the year based on age group

  • Cost of uniform kit

Birth Year

2017-2018 Yearly Fee

YTL (2009-2012)


2006 - 2008


2005 – and up





*Foundation Soccer Club North offers sibling discounts.


Uniform Kit:

Foundation Soccer Club North does require that all players to wear FSCN provided practice gear and uniforms.

*All uniform gear and tournaments are included in our fees.


Our Club Costs:

Where do your fees go? Club costs are fees collected to cover the following expenses: facility rentals, uniforms, coaches’ fees, association, league and scheduling fees, administrative costs, referee fees, and other expenditures.



Foundation Soccer Club North- P.O. Box 208 Coventry CT 06238