OYA Boys organization of Orland Park, Illinois, provides quality leagues for baseball, basketball, and volleyball.

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Orland Park, Illinois
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Welcome to OYA Baseball.  Our Spring Baseball is for ages 5 thru 17.  Registration opens in December. thru early February.  You can register online using the Register Online tab on the left bars of the website.  You can also come into the office on Wednesday nights from 6-9pm for inperson registration. 


SPRING BASEBALL – Registration is in December/January.  Practices start in April with games  May-June.  Usually 2 games per week, weekdays 5:45pm or 8:00 pm and Sat am or early afternoon.  Birthdates are enforced for level of play.  Pony Rules state no playing up.

Practices run from about  1 1/2 hours to 2 hours depending on the Coach. Shetland practices/games are 1 hour.  For Shetland, Maverick and Pinto, weeknight Games start at 5:45 and on the weekend Games start at 10:00, 12:00 or 2:00  Games run about 1:45 to 2:00 hours.

Shetland - Ages 5 and 6. Coach pitch with a soft center ball.   50' bases. Our hope is to provide the structure to these young ballplayers and create good muscle memory by teaching proper fundamentals and technique.  Games/practices are played at the Orland Parks.  Shetland games/practices are 1 hour. Season starts in May.

Maverick - This division is for advanced 6 year olds and 7 year olds still developing their skills.  At this age, we will introduce kid pitching after 3 weeks into the season.  There will be a NO WALK rule meaning the coach will pitch to the batter once the pitcher throws 4 balls.  This division will also use a soft center ball to minimize the risk of injury. The season will be around 13 to 15 games. 38' pitching mound and 55' bases.

Pinto -  Pinto is for the advanced 7 year old and typical 8 year old player using the May 1st cut off.  The ball at this age will be an official baseball, not a soft center putting an emphasis on the more advanced players.  Please make sure that your child can now protect himself and has been affiliated with organized baseball before choosing this division. The season will be 16 games or so and will feature the option of July All Star play for those interested in try-outs.  Pinto is still for developing our young ballplayers and reinforcing sound fundamentals, so while scores are kept there are no playoffs or standings kept.  The July All Stars will be the 1st opportunity of playing games that provide emphasis on the final score. The pitching mound here will be 40 feet. 10 players defensively, no stealing, no walk rule (coach pitch after 4 balls).  50' bases.

Mustang - Ages 9 and 10 based on a May 1 cutoff date. Stealing is allowed but no lead offs. This is the 1st age that actually keeps standings and conducts play-offs.  In this division, we play 60’ bases and a 44’ pitching mound distance.  

Bronco - Ages 11 and 12 based on May 1 cutoff date. Between 6 and 10 teams are formed.  This level adds full stealing and balk rules, and dropped third strike rule. 70' bases.
Pony - Ages 13 and 14 based on a May 1 cutoff date.  Between 6 and 10 teams are formed.  Full baseball rules apply.   80' bases.

Colt - Ages 15 , 16 and 17. Actually if you are in HS you can play in the Colt Division-    8 teams will be formed.  You can still play Summer Colt/Palomino.

Colt Palomino League

Players and families please consider an enjoyable summer program of Baseball for your High School aged players.  One of our best experiences has always been with the High School age groups … our OYA HS Basketball leagues have over 300 players and 33 teams!   This year we will again be playing in a local community HS league for Colt aged HS players (14U–16U) and Palomino aged HS players (17U-19U).  Last year we had over 60 players and five teams.  We are looking for players of all levels and experience … and coaches.  We will match teams with requests and balance teams with free agents.  School team players are welcome!  Graduating seniors are welcome!  Last year one our Palomino teams were the league Champions, and one of our Colt teams were a Final Four!


The league will begin in mid-May and finish in mid-July.  Half of our games would be at OYA fields, and would typically be one game per weekday and one to two games per weekend.  We want to continue and create the great baseball experience OYA is known for.  All players of all skill levels are welcome … even non-residents.



Please watch on-line for workouts and batting cages sessions.


If you can Coach or have a ready-made team please email ASAP.


Sign-up online at OYABOYS.ORG. Registration open until April 15th