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Policy and Procedure



(Revised June 15, 2016)


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Mission Statement

Vision Statement


SMMAM Meetings

Board of Directors

Election of Board of Directors

Policy Making Procedure




Coach / Sport Surveys

Signups / Sport Fees


Team Selection / Try Outs

Playing Time


Player Quitting

Players "Playing Up"

Uniforms and Equipment


Cancellation of Practices or Games

Usage Sports Facilities and Ball Fields

Field/Gym Cleanup


Non-CSAA Sanctioned Sports/Teams and Activities

Grievance Procedure

Policy and Procedure Handbook Review

Code of Expectations - Athlete

Code of Expectations - Parents

Code of Expectations - Coach


Mission Statement

To form all participants in athletics (athletes, coaches, parents) to be disciples who know, love and serve God through the ministry of athletics.

Vision Statement

To manifest a culture of athletics that allows our athletes to reach their fullest human potential by deeply rooting them in values, mission and identity of the Catholic Church.


The St. Margaret Mary Athletic Ministry (SMMAM) is a volunteer organization which sponsors the athletic activities of the youth of the Parish in coordination with the Catholic School Athletic Association (CSAA). The material presented in this handbook is not meant to conflict with any policy in effect by the Archdiocese of Louisville, CSAA, or St. Margaret Mary Parish. If any conflict should exist, the policy of the Archdiocese of Louisville, CSAA, or St Margaret Mary Parish will take precedent.

This handbook is meant to provide guidelines for decision-making purposes; however, it is understood that unusual and extenuating circumstances may occasionally arise that require decisions that may not be completely consistent with the guidelines. The underlying factor in any decision-making process should be in the best interests of the child(ren) involved. Only the Board of Directors may make these decisions.

It is also understood that participation in St. Margaret Mary athletics is a privilege and not a right. All participants, both youth and adult, who do not follow the guidelines, may be subject to disciplinary action.

SMMAM Meetings

The SMMAM meets monthly as needed--usually on the second Tuesday of the month. All meetings are open to the Parish and everyone is encouraged to attend. Six (6) members of the Board of Directors must attend in order to have a quorum of the Board. Members can attend via phone or video conference.  No vote shall be called without a quorum of the Board. An announcement concerning time and location of the monthly meeting will be placed in the Sunday Bulletin.

Board of Directors

There are twelve (12) elected Board Members. Duties are as follows:


Liaison between Parish Administration, School, parish/school organizations, SMMAM and CSAA; ultimately responsible for operation of the athletic program; preside over SMMAM meetings, and oversee the appointment of athletic coordinators; address issues and/or problems that arise with the assistance of the SMMAM Board; maintain banners in the gym and update as required; responsible for cleanliness of gym and equipment after athletic use and; present SMMAM annual budget recommendation to Parish Finance Committee for approval.


Attend Administration Committee meetings; implement and collect surveys to evaluate coaches and sports after each sporting season of each year and share results within a reasonable time period following completion with the SMMAM Board of Directors; maintain and purchase concession stand goods and soft drinks for vending machines; responsible for staffing concession stand, gate and other volunteers during athletic events; chair SMMAM Annual Golf Scramble; and chair SMMAM sponsored booth at parish picnic.


Ensure SMMAM meetings dates, times and locations are submitted to Parish Office for publication, attend and record minutes of SMMAM meetings; provide a copy of meeting minutes to the Parish Office for publication; attend School Advisory Committee and PTO meetings as needed; coordinate SMMAM communications with parish and school as needed; coordinate the Board of Directors elections process, chair the Lenten Fish Fry Committee.; and chair the Policy and Procedure Handbook Committee.


Compile and present financial reports at monthly meetings; monitor collection of fees from all sports; prepare and submit the annual budget for comment and approval by the Board; coordinate with Parish administration payments of vendor invoices; responsible for concession stand funds to include: handle startup money, collect, account and deposit concession stand funds; responsible for gate fees and ensure payment of referees and other workers; prepare and submit annual operating budget relating to concession cost/sales.

Christian Sportsmanship and Compliance Director

Ensure all sports participants (players, coaches, parents etc…) conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner; handle complaints regarding “poor sportsmanship” by participants; ensure that prayer is a component of practice and games; ensure players are getting substantial playing time during games; conduct sportsmanship workshops; ensure all coaches have Safe Environment Training, Play Like a Champion Training for Coaches, and current background checks; ensure athletes not attending SMM school are in compliance with CSAA regulations; and maintain files on coaches with any restrictions or past actions regarding eligibility of coaching.


Maintain and develop the SMMAM athletic website so that it is visually appealing and fully functional including setup and maintenance of security/passwords, season, sport and team settings, facilities list and system configurations.  Develop and post content/communications on a timely basis i.e. news feed, broadcast messages, targeted emails, events calendar, PLACT information, etc.   Assist the Athletic Directors with the implementation and operations of the athletic programs by creating and monitoring online registrations, schedules, rosters, surveys, evaluations, forms, etc. Create databases to assist Board of Directors with compliance and eligibility tracking. Run reports for parish office and Board as need.  Train coaches on use of his/her team page for communications, roster, schedules, etc.   Liaison with CSAA on interfacing with CSAA system.  Liaison with parish IT and vendor on the website, domain, server, etc.

Athletic Director (AD)

Day-to-day running of the sports programs and coordination including; scheduling and coordinating events with school and parish regarding gym and field use; player signups, gym scheduling, team assignments, coaching appointments, uniform distribution and collection, equipment and uniform management and purchase; authorizing all purchases related to his/her specific sport and obtaining purchase requisition for all purchases over $1,000; gym preparation for hosting athletic events, staffing score table, line judges, and/or other officials not provided by CSAA, etc. He/she is the major contact with the CSAA office concerning his/her sports programs including team registration; attending CSAA meetings; roster submissions; coordinating dates for CSAA use of SMM facilities for league and tournament games; and submitting scores/results. They may appoint sport specific coordinators or assistants as needed with approval from the President.

There are 6 Athletic Directors:

  • Football, Track and Field, Swimming
  • Soccer, Tennis, Cross Country
  • Boys Basketball, Baseball
  • Girls Volleyball, Boys Volleyball, Field Hockey
  • Girls Basketball, Golf, Softball
  • Adult, Young Adult, Non-CSAA Sanctioned Sports (i.e. Lacrosse, Cheer) and Facility Coordinator

Disciplinary Action - All Directors shall coordinate with the other members of the SMMAM Board, and its committees and shall abide by the rules and guidelines set forth by the SMMAM Board. Dismissal or suspension of Board privileges may occur from failure to abide by SMMAM policy and procedures.  Any issues will be brought to the President (Pastor in case of President being the named Board member) who will attempt to resolve the matter informally.  If this is unsuccessful, or if the President/Pastor determines the issue is of a serious matter, the person bringing issue forth will be asked to do so in writing so that it can be brought to the SMMAM Board (absence the named Board member).   The written complaint will be formally reviewed by the full SMMAM Board (absence the name Board member) whose responsibility it is to investigate the issue and determine the final action.

Election of Board of Directors

Elections for positions on the Board of Directors are held annually by electronic vote open for at least two weeks in late April and/or early May.

Each year at the March meeting, members of the Board shall elect its President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Athletic Director(s), etc. until each Director remaining for the upcoming year has a position.

Nominations will be accepted for the remaining positions by any parishioner by electronic submission or email starting late March and/or early April. Nominations will be accepted for a period of time no less than two weeks at which time they will be submitted to the Secretary for publication in the Sunday bulletin. Announcements concerning nominations and elections will be placed in the Parish bulletin and sent via email to all SMMAM members at least two times, and posted on the SMMAM website. Nominees will be contacted and allowed to accept or reject the nomination. Nominees must be members of St. Margaret Mary Parish and be at least 18 years of age. Nominees must be in good standing with the Parish, and shall be able to lead by example as Christian role models, be good church stewards for our children and shall embrace the St Margaret Mary stewardship model of time, talent and treasure. This includes attending Mass on a regular basis, participating in faith formation programs; volunteering in church and SMMAM related programs and activities.

Voters must be members of St. Margaret Mary Parish and at least 18 years of age. Write-in and absentee ballots will not be accepted. In case of a tie, there will be a re-vote. If the re-vote is a tie, there will be a coin toss by a current Board Member.

Terms for each Board Member shall be for a three (3) year term. Board members can serve no more than two consecutive terms. Each year four (4) Director’s term shall end with the election of four (4) new Board Members. If we do not have four new members willing to accept the nomination the Pastor shall appoint Directors to complete the Board.

The elected officers take office at the June meeting. If a position on the Board of Directors is vacated during its term, the balance of the term will be filled by Presidential appointment with approval of the Pastor. 

Policy Making Procedure

Any SMMAM member may present a proposal of a new policy at any monthly meeting or via an email to the Board Secretary. Discussion and finalization of the proposal will be held at subsequent monthly meeting(s). Voting by a quorum of the SMMAM Board of Directors (less the President) will take place at the end of the discussions in the current meeting or at the next meeting or via an electronic vote. A tie will be broken by presidential vote. A special meeting may be called by the President in order to facilitate policy change. Such special meetings shall require approval by a quorum of the Board and shall give at least 3 days’ notice to the SMMAM Members.


It is understood that participation in the athletic program at St. Margaret Mary is a privilege and not a right. All athletes must maintain his/her eligibility as required by the CSAA and SMM Parish. Athletes’ responsibilities are outlined in the Code of Expectations-Athlete provided by SMMAM.

Eligibility includes notifying the Athletic Director of the athlete's desire to play by signing up, paying appropriate fees, attending tryouts and practices, following the Code of Expectations-Athlete and adherence to the CSAA grade, age and religious education requirements as defined in the Student Athlete Eligibility Certification Form.

Disciplinary Action, suspension, or expulsion from a team may occur if a coach determines that a player's conduct fails to adhere to the Code of Expectations-Athlete. If a coach determines that a player's conduct is inappropriate and/or is detrimental to the team, and that coach cannot resolve the issue(s) on his/her own, the individual coach shall contact the SMMAM President and the Athletic Director to report the problem. If the President and Athletic Director agree that a problem exists, the coach will be asked to contact the parent(s) of the player(s) causing the distraction. If the player(s) continues to display inappropriate behavior after this notification, the coach shall once again contact the President and Athletic Director of this condition. The President and Athletic Director will determine the appropriate course and the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken concerning this matter. Any player suspended or dismissed from a team due to his/her action will not be entitled to a refund of any portion of his/her fees, and future participation in any SMMAM sport/activity can also be limited.

The SMMAM shall make all coaches (and parents when appropriate) aware that this policy/procedure exists in order to insure those who are "following the rules" can fully enjoy his/her activity. 


Like any volunteer organization, the help of parents is required to maintain the sports program at St. Margaret Mary. By signing up a child to play sports, a parent automatically becomes a member of the athletic program. Parents' responsibilities are outlined on the Code of Expectations-Parents form that must be signed before each season. A brief summary of what is required includes maintaining and promoting a Christian atmosphere at competitions, refraining from use of abusive language and behaving in a sportsmanlike fashion. Other requirements include signing up players for a sport on time, having players at practice and games on time and picked up promptly, helping maintain the uniform/equipment, and working at the SMM concession stand and fish fry when assigned.

Disciplinary Action – failure to abide by the Parents Code of Conduct; if deemed by the sports Athletic Director that a parent(s) or spectator(s) behavior is not in accordance with the code of conduct, the AD may recommend to the SMMAM Board a course of action which may include the suspension of the offenders right to attend such sporting event(s) and future participation in SMMAM sponsored activities may also be limited.  If the offense is of a nature requiring the AD to make an immediate decision regarding the removal or ejection of a parent or spectator from a sporting event, such decision shall be recognized by the SMMAM, but any further recommendations regarding this event shall be placed on the agenda of the next SMMAM Board meeting for discussion.  The offending parent or spectator shall be notified of any such pending Board discussion and given the opportunity to speak.  A parent’s poor judgments and actions at a SMMAM sponsored activity may jeopardize their child’s eligibility of participation.  It is always important that parents and spectators lead by example and demonstrate Christian behavior and good sportsmanship at all times. 

Note: A child, 8th grader or older, who wishes to obtain service hours may perform concession stand duty. Minors that are under 16 years of age may not handle money.


Appointments - All coaching positions, including assistant coaching positions, are appointed on a yearly basis at the discretion of the Athletic Director. The Athletic Director will make every effort to select the best coaches available to teach our children to become fine Christian athletes. The criteria to be used will include, but is not limited to the following:

  1. A returning coach will be considered for the same position that was held the previous year, so long as all other conditions and requirements are met.
  2. Consideration for positions will be given to all applicants requesting the position and appointments will be made based upon, but not limited to:
    1. Prior head or assistant coaching experience in that sport
    2. Ability to relate to the children at the level requested
    3. Participation in SMMAM activities, including monthly meetings
    4. Ability to provide stability to the sports program (i.e. whether the applicant will be able to continue in the position in the future)
    5. Possible placement of the applicant's child on the team

The Athletic Director's decision is final.

Eligibility - In addition to the criteria listed above, all coaches (including assistants) must pass a background check and attend the Archdiocese Safe Environment Workshop training and Play Like A Champion Coach Training. All coaches must sign and abide by the Code of Expectations-Coach form provided by the SMMAM. All coaches shall lead by example as Christian role models, are good church stewards for our children and shall embrace the St. Margaret Mary stewardship model of time, talent and treasure. This includes attending Mass on a regular basis, participating in faith formation programs, volunteering in church, and SMMAM related programs and activities.

Disciplinary action, dismissal, or suspension of coaching privileges may occur from failure to abide by SMMAM policy and procedures or failure to follow the Code of Expectations-Coach. The Athletic Director will serve as an Ombudsman between our coaches and parents should any issues arise.

This procedure will be followed to handle issues:

  1. The issue should first be discussed directly with the coach, in private.
  1. If unable to resolve the issue, contact the Athletic Director who will attempt to resolve the matter informally.
  1. If this is unsuccessful, or if the Athletic Director determines the issue is of a more serious nature, the person bringing the issue forth will be asked to do so in writing so that it can be brought to the SMMAM Board. All issues are kept confidential.
  1. The written complaint will be formally reviewed by the full SMMAM Board, whose responsibility it is to investigate the issue and determine the final action.

Remember that all of our coaches are volunteers, and are donating their time and talent to coach your child. While we all have different opinions on specific ways of coaching, please keep in mind that if the basics of the sport are taught in a Christian way, and an attitude of good sportsmanship is learned, then our primary goals have been achieved.

Coach / Sport Surveys

The SMMAM Vice-President shall be responsible to implement and collect surveys to evaluate coaches and sports after each sporting season of each year. Results will be shared with the SMMAM Board within a reasonable time period following the completion of the surveys. General feedback from the surveys will be shared with individual coaches to improve athletic experience for both coach and players. Future coaching assignments may also be determined based upon the survey results.

Signups / Sport Fees

SMMAM has a "no-cut" policy. However, participating in sports through SMMAM is a privilege not a right. Signups are held prior to each sport season to allow adequate time to determine how many coaches, teams and uniforms will be needed. Missing the scheduled signup date may result in late signup fees or denial of participation in the sport.

Fees for each sport are evaluated on a yearly basis. The fees charged are a reflection of the expense that a sport has produced in past years. Therefore, an attempt is made for each sport to 'pay for itself'. The fees are used to maintain uniforms and equipment, and to pay for CSAA franchise fees.

No child will be denied opportunity to play due to financial hardship. Any family unable pay such fees should contact the President to discuss. All such communications shall be kept confidential. See Appendix A for present fees.


Refunds of fees for athletes withdrawn from a team after signups have been completed will be determined on a case by case basis by the Athletic Director.

Team Selections / Try Outs

The SMMAM has a “no-cut” participation policy. When necessary, team tryouts will be held in order to assign the child to an appropriate team. There are many variables that must be considered when assigning a player. These include but are not limited to ability, position, team needs, physical size, maturity, and coaching styles. Class unity will be emphasized. Prior to tryouts, the Athletic Director will assemble a group of coaches and unbiased individuals with knowledge of the sport to serve with him/her on the Selection Committee. Every effort will be made to avoid any conflicts of interest, and the team selection process will be conducted in a fair and impartial manner. Players will be assigned to a team based upon the consensus of the Selection Committee. Parents of players may serve on the Selection Committee but shall not evaluate their own child or participate in their child’s team placement. No one on the selection committee is allowed to disclose evaluations, team assignments, or discussions during the selection process.

  • Missing Tryouts - All players are expected to attend tryouts. Players, who miss tryouts or sign up late for a sport, miss an important opportunity to display their talents to the selection committee and therefore, shall be placed on a team at the selection committee’s discretion. A second tryout is not usually granted except in unusual circumstances or when a player does not have a history of playing at SMM previously.
  • Switching Teams - A player’s inability to attend practices on given days, carpool requirements or a parent’s disagreement with a coach’s philosophy may not be enough to place the child on another team. If a player has a scheduling conflict with practices that is communicated before team placements, a good faith effort will be made to accommodate if possible but it should not result in a player moving to a higher level team or placed on a team which is multiple levels below his/her abilities. Special consideration may be given to siblings who are eligible to play on the same team. A player’s team assignment may not be changed without approval of the Athletic Director. Changes will not be made because of a disagreement with the Selection Committee’s placement.
  • Teams - All teams will be selected using CSAA guidelines. All teams will be chosen so that every player and team has the best opportunity to be competitive in their respective leagues. The #1 team will be the stronger team, then #2 respectively. Players on teams that will compete in a Multi-Division League (i.e. #4 and #5 compete against each other) will be split evenly by the Selection Committee to ensure all teams have an equal chance in their leagues to compete.
  • Recruitment - Coaches may not recruit a player for a specific team. Out of regard for the gifts, talents and the commitment our athletes and their parents make to our athletics ministry, recruiting athletes from other parishes or schools is strictly prohibited as this is contrary to the mission and vision of our athletics ministry.
  • Player Notification - Once the Selection Committee has completed all team rosters, parents/players will be notified. Rosters may be posted in the gym and on the website.
  • Adding Players to Roster – Coaches may not add players to their team roster without prior approval of the Athletic Director.

Playing Time

In general, CSAA guidelines are followed concerning playing time. The CSAA requires “equal” playing time for players on 3rd and 4th grade teams. At St. Margaret Mary, this “equal” playing time policy will be extended to include players from K-6th grade. However, there are no CSAA requirements for playing time at other levels. Therefore, the playing time rules for 7th and 8th grade will be at least 25% playing time for all participants.  Playing time is considered over the course of a season. In tournament play, all participants may not get the required playing time, however, all players should get some playing time. Coaches may consider absences, practice work ethics, and other factors in making decisions regarding playing time on a game by game basis. 


The football program will abide by the same guidelines and objectives of all the other sports, with the exception of playing time; however a strong effort will be made to play as many players as possible each game. The coaching staff will utilize several players at the unskilled positions and on the special teams. A depth chart will be maintained during the season. Each member of the team will receive substantial instruction and be allowed to participate in all drills during practices, regardless of the position on the depth chart. Exclusion from such drills and practices will not be acceptable. It is the goal of the SMMAM that its coaches shall develop every player to become a better player.

Every effort will be made to give all members of the team the opportunity to play in scrimmages and practice games. The coaches will arrange scrimmages for the non-starters to be played under game-like conditions, if possible.

If the opportunity presents itself, a developmental team may be created for any given grade level. The selection process for such teams must involve and be approved by the Athletic Director. These teams will compete against other developmental teams in the CSAA organization.

Player Quitting

Players who sign up and then quit, affect others, not only themselves. The number of players directly determines: the number of teams St. Margaret Mary will support, the number of coaches needed for the sport, number of uniforms needed to be ordered, and the fees that the CSAA will collect from the SMMAM. A player who elects not to participate after they have signed up may cause a change in the number of teams planned/established, this may result in St. Margaret Mary not being able to field a team in that sport (affects others who want to play), and/or may cause an unnecessary financial burden to the SMMAM beyond the collected fee (CSAA charges, uniform orders, etc.).

Therefore, if a St. Margaret Mary player quits a team within two weeks of their placement/assigned level (i.e., #1 team, #2 team, #3 team, etc.), the fees collected for the activity the player quit will not be refunded or credited on future signups.

Players who sign up and withdraw their names prior to tryouts/team assignments will not be affected by this policy.

Players "Playing Up"

On occasion, players of a 4th grade team may be asked to play on a 6th grade team, or players of a 6th grade team may be asked to play on an 8th grade team. This usually occurs due to sickness or vacations. Addition of such players is allowed by CSAA rules, but must be approved by the SMMAM Athletic Director. In such situations, all CSAA rules regarding practice time for the younger player will be followed. The younger player should not play at the expense of the normal team players but only as a substitute.

Uniforms and Equipment

The SMMAM attempts to provide high quality uniforms and equipment to the players as much as possible. The uniforms must be returned at the completion of each season. Uniforms or equipment lost, damaged, or not returned must be replaced at the expense of the player(s)/parent(s). Failure to do so may affect a child's participation in future sports.

Players are to wear the uniforms provided by SMMAM in order to maintain uniformity between teams. If the uniform does not fit properly or is damaged during usual season wear, the SMMAM will provide the player with another uniform. Uniforms not provided by the SMMAM may not be worn unless the SMMAM Board of Directors grants prior approval.

The CSAA must be notified if a player's number is changed.


All teams will follow CSAA guidelines regarding practice times for each sport.

Organized Team Activities (OTA’s) – Any CSAA activity, including but not limited to any practice, game, match, contest, jamboree, scrimmage or meeting of any kind, is considered an OTA. OTA’s are limited to a specific number of days and times per week. Listed below are the maximum OTA’s allowed per week, per CSAA Division. For CSAA purposes, a school week runs Sunday through Saturday.

8th and 6th Grade Divisions – OTA’s are allowed four (4) times a week, including three (3) times during the school week (meaning a day of or a night before a school day). 8th grade OTA’s shall not exceed two (2) hours in length per session. 6th grade OTA’s shall not exceed one and a half hours (1.5) in length per session.

4th Grade Division - OTA’s will be limited to three (3) days a week. These OTA’s shall not exceed one and a half hours (1.5) in length.

Exception - CSAA football teams are allowed one extra walk through practice on the weekend in preparation for that weekend’s game. This is not allowed if the team has a bye week or an off week. This rule is covered in the CSAA special football rules. Football teams are limited to one practice game, scrimmage game, jamboree, or official game in a day.

CSAA Start Times - No scheduled start times for any CSAA events shall be set later than 8:30 PM on weeknights (Sunday-Thursday), and 9:00 PM on weekends (Friday-Saturday). No CSAA events are allowed to begin before 1:00 PM on Sundays and teams or individuals are not allowed to assemble (on site or off site) before 12:00 PM (noon) on Sundays. Special exceptions for championship games or Toy Bowl games may be granted with specific permission from the parish pastor. Failure to comply with this policy could result in forfeiture of your next game. A second offense could result in suspension from the CSAA post season tournament.

Athletes should not miss church services or church school for an athletic practice or game. If any conflict arises, the athlete will be dismissed from the athletic event without penalty by the coaching staff. Athletes will not be allowed to participate in practices that conflict with church, school or PREP/CCD. Similarly, practices cannot be held during Holy Day, Sunday morning masses or parish family nights.

Cancellation of Practices or Games

Each coach will determine how notification of cancelled practices or games will be handled for his/her team. However, the CSAA will usually announce game cancellations due to inclement weather. Also, if school is cancelled by St Margaret Mary, or if there is early dismissal by St Margaret Mary, there will be no games or practices that day unless explicit approval is received from the President or Athletic Director. Practices held (with approval) on days when school is cancelled, will be on a voluntary basis only, and players choosing not to attend shall not be penalized.

Usage Sports Facilities and Ball Fields

The sports complex is for use by SMM teams and SMM sponsored teams only and not by non-parish sponsored teams. SMM sponsored clinics, developmental play and open gyms will be allowed based on gym availability, and only when all students eligible are invited to participate through public notification.

Coaches may use any outside facility for practice at their own expense. SMMAM Athletic Director must be notified of the outside facility use so that Archdiocese insurance carrier can be contacted and proper liability insurance coverage is verified and approved. If reimbursement is desired, approval prior to use of the facility must be obtained from the SMMAM President.

Field/Gym Cleanup

Every team / coach is responsible for cleaning the field, gym or area of practice after every team practice and ensuring equipment is secured and facilities are locked and secured.


Each Athlete or Team that reaches the CSAA City Championship event or match shall receive a trophy from the SMMAM. City Championship trophies shall be approximately 12" in height and City Runner-Up trophies shall be approximately 10" in height. The trophy shall be representative of the sport played, shall indicate the year, the accomplishment, and the player's name. The award policy shall be in accordance with the current CSAA guidelines.

Non-CSAA Sanctioned Sports/Teams and Activities

The CSAA does not allow its members to support a team in "out of season" activities or participation in a non-CSAA sponsored league or tournament for official CSAA team and individual sports. Therefore, the SMMAM cannot financially assist a team, nor can it endorse the use of the name "St. Margaret Mary" by a team participating in out of season or non-CSAA sanctioned leagues or tournaments. However, the SMMAM can and does assist teams in sports that the CSAA does not provide for its members, such as flag football, lacrosse, instructional leagues for K-2 sports, Powder Puff, etc.

Grievance Procedure

After the disciplinary action process, in the event the parties are still not in agreement to the resolution, the problem shall be heard by the SMMAM Board of Directors, then Administration Committee, then Parish Council, and finally the Pastor can be asked for a ruling on the problem which shall be final.

Policy and Procedure Handbook Review

The Handbook shall be reviewed and the Handbook Committee shall make recommended updates and changes to the Board each year. Any Member of the SMMAM may serve on the Handbook Committee which shall be chaired by the Board Secretary.

Code of Expectations - Athletes

The St. Margaret Mary Athletic Ministry (SMMAM) strives to promote self-esteem by teaching every athlete to perform to the best of their individual talents and as a result learn that sucess is the result of preparation and hard work. It is also necessary that every athlete learn to demonstrate respect for others - including coaches, teammates, and opponents. As a result, every atudent-athlete is required to read, and follow this Code of Expectations.

The athlete's first priority is to their FAITH.

Athletes should not miss church services or church school for an athletic practice or game. If any conflict arises, the athlete will be dismissed from the athletic event without penalty by the coaching staff. Athletes will not be allowed to participate in practices that conflict with church school. Good sportsmanship should rule in all situations. Conduct or action unbefitting a Christian such as disrepect for a coach, a player (teammate or opponent), and official, or proprty will not be tolerated.

The athlete's second responsibility is to their FAMILY.

Conflicts between family situatiions and team responsibilities will obviuously be settled in the best interest of the famil. However, situations that result in absences from practices or games should be discussed with the coach.

The athlete's third priority is to their SCHOOLWORK.

The athlete should strive to maintain a strong academic record in order to set a positive example for teammates.

The athlete's final responsibility is to their TEAM.

  • Be on time for all games and practices.
  • Strive to always do your best.
  • Encourage your teammates - promote team spirit.
  • Be prepared for all contests.
  • Maintain good physical fitness.
  • Eat well (but not too soon before a contest).
  • Be well rested (do not stay up late the night before a contest).
  • Abstain from unhealthy (alcohol, drugs, and tobacco) activities.
  • Always behave like a Christian. Your actions reflect upon yourself, your team and your parish.
  • Do not expect to participate in games if you miss practices without a good reason or without contacting your coach.

Any infraction of the Code of Expectations or of rules governing student athletic participation may result in disciplinary action, suspension or expulsion from the team. DISCUSS PROBLEMS WITH YOUR COACH.


Code of Expectations - Parents

Your child's participation in the St. Margaret Mary Athletic Ministry (SMMAM) necessarily places responsibility on the parent(s). The SMMAM is a volunteer program, and as such certain requirements and understandings are necessary to make the program work.

All parents are required to read, sign, and follow this Code of Expectations.

  • Sign up players on time and pay required fee.
  • Ensure that your child has read, understands and complies with the Code of Expectations - Athlete
  • Have the player at practices and picked up on time
  • Do not leave a player at a practice or at events without ADULT supervision.
  • Help the athlete maintain equipment and uniform in proper condition. Damaged or lost property of the Athletic Ministry may require charging a replacement fee.
  • Volunteer to help the coach with assorted duties.
  • Work in the concession stand when asks.  This defrays cost.
  • Support your child's team.
  • Let the coach do the coaching.
  • Control yourself at all events. Do not yell at opposing players, coaches, fans, or at the officials. Show good sportsmanship after wins as well as losses. Catholic School Athletic Association rules state that unsportsmanship behavior can result in a parent being removed for a game.
  • IF you disagree with the coach or have a problem; please disucss it with the coach first, in private, after a practice. Do not make a scene in public. A 24 hour "cooling down period" is required in the event a parent is upset with a coach. Under no circumstance shall a parent call a coach at home at 8:00 p.m. or before 8:00 a.m.

Remember the program is for the children. Encourage them, help them, be a role model for them, but don't embarrass them.

Note: In keeping with the St. Margaret Mary Parish policy, any child enrolled in our Parish Religious Education Program/PREP may not practice during the time church school is in session. That child will be dismissed from the practice without penalty by the coach. The child may not continue to practice.

Grievance Procedure: If a problem develops while a child is participating in a sport sponsored by the SMMAM; first discuss the problem, in private, with the coach. If a solution cannot be found, then contact the Athletic Director.


Code of Expectations - Coach

Your participation as a coach in the St. Margaret Mary Athletic Ministry (SMMAM) places responsibility on you as an adult leader and role model.

All coaches are required to read, sign, and follow this Code of Expectations.

  • Sign up players on time and pay required fee.
  • Display good Christian values at all times.  Treat all athletes, parents, opponents, and officials fairly and with respect. Do not harass the officials. Do not curse or use foul language. NO PROFANITY DURING PRACTICES OR GAMES.
  • Be prepared for practice. Know what drills you wish to teach, what situations you want to explain, what you want to accomplish, etc., before you come to practice.
  • Coach with positive reinforcement not negative feedback. Encourage the athlete when improvement is hown to build self-esteem.
  • Promote team spirit by encouraging players to congratulate each other after a good play.
  • Instruct the athlete that personal success is not measured by wins and loesses but by hard work and preparation for the contest.
  • Never leave an athlete unattended. Arrive at practices and games early and expect to leave a little late. You are responsible for your players.
  • Show good sportsmanship during games, after wins as well as losses. Do not yell at opposing players, coaches, fans, or officials. Do not encourage your team to dislike or disrespect the opponent. Your actions reflect upon yourself, your team and the parish.
  • Know the rules. Read the rulebook. Ask questions. Comply with all CSAA rules and regulations (see handbook).
  • Remember it is only a game; and the game is for the children, not for you.
  • If a problem develops with an athlete(s), discuss it first with the athlete(s) and parent(s). IF the problem cannot be solved, then discuss it with the Athletic Director.
  • You are responsible for the care and security of any facility and equipment in use during your practice time.


Note: In keeping with the St. Margaret Mary Parish policy, any child enrolled in our Parish Religious Education Program/PREP may not practice during the time church school is in session. That child will be dismissed from the practice without penalty by the coach. The child may not continue to practice.