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"Where you're always in the game"

Some of you have asked what we mean at Plymouth Senior League when we say “where you’re always in the game.”

At Plymouth Senior League we believe that all players should actively be a part of the game at all times. OUR rosters are limited to 12 or 13 players, 12 being the ideal size. 

We require each Manager to play their players at least 4 innings in the field. Most importantly we have a continuous batting order and free player substitution for each game. No exceptions! A Plymouth Senior League player is never removed from the game. No Plymouth Senior League Player sits more than 1 inning at a time.

Other programs don't see it that way. Minimum play is 3 inning in the field with 1 plate appearance. Rosters last season ranged from 14 to 15 players. There is also no free positional player substitution.

What does this mean? In non Plymouth Senior League leagues, games could start with 5-6 players on the bench and your player not even in the batting order. 

If the roster has 14 players, after 3 innings 5 players are removed and 5 bench players take their place in the field. The 5 removed players are now likely done for the game. 

So ask yourself … does it make sense to pay more money for a league that lets your player play about ½ the time?

That is NOT the Plymouth Senior League way. If your player registers for Plymouth Senior League you can rest assured that they will ‘always be in the game.’ 

And remember Plymouth Senior League will be offering 2 divisions in 2017. An upper division for our more advanced players as well as a 2nd division for our younger and developing players. Better baseball, more opportunities to play and better competition for all!


Our PLAY UP - PLAY DOWN RULES STARTED IN 2016. It's along the lines of the Red Sox and PawSox operation.

Our Diamond Division Team will mentor a specific Super Division Team. When the Diamond team needs players due to HS or other Sports conflicts they can pull players up from their Super Division Team to play. 

Register now at www.psll.net for the spring 2016 season!