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2016 LCDBF Field of Teams - To be updated with 2017 Teams



Captain: Cara Gorman

802cars.com is a conglomerate of auto dealerships that provide the best car to its customer. 802 Toyota, Twin City Subaru, 802 Honda, 802 Sion was named as Vermont’s #1 place to work!   We are dedicated to having the happiest customers on the planet and we truly enjoy working together and supporting each other. 


Baystate Support Oars (Futuradesign - Baystate Financial)

Captain: Phyllis Bartling

We are an amazing team of cancer survivors, professionals, family, and friends paddling for our ninth year together. We are so proud to paddle with Baystate Financial, a generous organization that understands when fighting cancer, it's all about support!


Burlington Electric Wicked Watts

Captain: Mike Flora

We are energized employees, friends and family of Burlington Electric. We have revved up our batteries and are ready to let the juices flow at the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival.  We are very excited to be participating in this event.  Watch Out for the Burlington Electric Wicked Watts!


Burlington Hyundai Subaru

Captain: Nick Korejko

This is our third year as a Dragon boat team and we are still EXCITED. Our team is made up of employees and friends of Burlington Hyundai - Subaru. Our enthusiasm is STRONG and our experience is GROWING. *** LOOK OUT BURLINGTON ***


Burlington Labs Urinators

Captain: Eileen Hausermann

We are a full-service drug testing laboratory, founded by people with experience in the substance abuse treatment community. We understand treatment because our backgrounds are with the addiction treatment community. We Help Save Lives! We Help Build Community! We Help People Grow and Live Healthier! Go Team!!


Burlington Rugby Ruck’N Rowers

Captain: Martha Lyons

We are a group of local community members who love Rugby and took up the challenge of Lake Champlain. We have turned in our game ball in exchange for paddles and we challenge our competition to the best racing of the day.  We are proud to support Dragonheart Vermont and Survivorship Now.


Butterfly Effect (UVM Medical Center - Phlebotomy Unit)

Captain: Kathy Avery

We are UVM Medical Center, here to win the fight against cancer one needle at a time! We are PUMPED and ready to paddle. Our team is made up of 18 phlebotomists, a member's husband and another's daughter. We are ready to take the win all the way!


Cancer Canknot

Captain: Anna Gilcris

In December 2011 our world was turned upside down when Eric was diagnosed with grade 4 glioblastoma brain cancer. As a healthy 29 year old male, who was a loving husband and father to an amazing little boy - the news of the words "CANCER" seemed so far from the truth.  Since the day that Eric was diagnosed, we knew there had to be a greater plan as to why Eric was dealt this deck of cards and why he was chosen to battle such a monstrous disease. Then, one day we had an idea; an idea on how to pay it forward. With our life's lemons we have designed a jewelry line and written a lighthearted rhyming children's book for families affected by cancer.


Perrywinkles' exclusively produces and sells all of the jewelry pieces.  We are very proud of our creation. Whether you are a survivor, a person battling cancer or a part of the support system for the person fighting the disease, you can wear this jewelry as an unspoken word to how you have been affected by cancer and what it Canknot do. We are proud to be doing our part by participating in the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival and supporting Dragonheart Vermont and Survivorship NOW.


Cardiac Cruisers (UVM Medical Center - McLure 1)

Captain: Thomas Clohessy

We are the Cardiac Cruisers!  We are a Dragon boat team representing Non-Invasive Cardiology at UVM Medical Center. We are made up of employees, friends and family of the Non-Invasive Cardiology Department. We perform a wide range of Cardiac studies from Stress Tests, Echo-Cardiograms, EKGS and Holter Monitors. We are proud to paddle in support of Dragonheart Vermont and Survivorship Now. 


Carpe Debra (In memory of Debra Lentine who loved the water and paddling)

Captain: Morgan Lentine)

We are a group of family, friends and former co-workers of Debra Lentine and we are paddling in her memory. She so loved paddling, the water, family and friends. We also celebrate her life by paddling at this Festival. 


Champlain College Making Waves  

Captain: Susyn Dees

We are a dynamic team of educationally focused, spirited paddlers. This will be the 8th year Champlain College has participated in this event. It is an honor to be a part of this fun and very meaningful fund raiser to join in the effort to support those who previously or currently live life fully with cancer.


Cirrhosis of the River (UVM Medical Ctr. Critical Care)

Captain: Anna Raymond

We are a team made up of Employees, Friends and Family of University of Vermont Medical Center's Medical Intensive Care Unit. This is our third year of paddling in their fun community charity event. Watch out! We are excited and ready to return to the water again this year!


Citizenship (Citizens Bank)

Captain: Nechole Mann

Citizenship will sail through the waves and the wind with the strength exemplified by the survivors. As each paddle hits the water with the force of our community, we are reminded of the everyday.


Community Health Komodos (Community Health Centers of Burlington)

Captain: Laura Frazier

The CHCB team is ready to rock the Dragonheart race! Community Health Centers of Burlington provides exceptional health care to people of all ages, backgrounds, and life circumstances. Community residents can access medical, dental, and mental health services heroes among us. For 11 years we have been paddling and each year our numbers grow.


Congo Paddlers (Barre Church group)

Captain: Rossie Conklin

Our team has paddled at the Dragonboat festival about 5 or 6 times. We are mostly members of the Congregational Church in Barre, although this year some of our family members and friends are paddling with us. Among our paddlers are two breast cancer survivors, and our drummer is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. We are honored to have them paddling with us.  There are also three couples on our team!  We enjoy this fun event and are proud to help raise money for cancer survivors.


Danforth Pewter

Captain: Lauren Laberge-Taddeo

Our team is strong, smart, and we’re the team with the "LIONHEART!”  The 2016 Danforth Pewter dragon boat team is truly a family (“a pride” of Lionhearts).  It is comprised of Danforth employees, spouses, and partners.  Some of our team members have participated in previous Lake Champlain Dragonboat Festivals, and some are rookies, but each and every one of them is psyched to get paddling and ready to belt out our signature Lionheart “R-O-O-O-A-A-R”! 


Dealer.com Love Boat

Captain: Myria McGrath

The Dealer.com Love Boat represents the unique and undeniable energy that makes Dealer.com one of the most fun and exciting workplaces in America today. Dealer.com is proud to be a part of their fifth Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival!


DHVT Rookie Team

Captain:  Karen Prosciak

This team is made up of our brand new Dragonheart Vermont members that have become apart of Dragonheart VT this summer.  For these rookies, it will be their first race. They join the 200 other members of Dragonheart VT organization. Our Dragonheart VT teams are made up of men and women; 20- to 80-years olds; breast cancer survivors and supporters; elite athletes and recreational paddlers. We all enjoy our summer of paddling together on Lake Champlain and beyond as we race dragon boats in the US, Canada, and around the world!  Want to join us, write to:   Paddles up to  our Dragonheart Rookies!


Dragon Skinners (Four Seasons Dermatology)

Captain: Elizabeth Hughes

Got skin? Protect it! We are the crew from Four Seasons Dermatology, a medical dermatology practice with a focus on skin cancer prevention and detection. Happy to be participating in the Festival again in hopes of raising awareness of sun protection AND of skinning some hides! to support DHVT/SNOW and to raise awareness of skin cancer prevention and early detection. We are ready to skin some hides!


Evolution Lake Lizards (iSystems)

Captain: Andrew Quartey

One of the fastest growing technology companies in the state, iSystems employs a team of dynamic innovators from around the globe who develop & service our Evolution Human Capital Management software. We're proud of our Vermont roots & our commitment to a green environment & community involvement. GO LAKE LIZARDS!


GMP Electric Dragons (Green Mountain Power)

Captain: Kelly Schiller

At GMP, we pride ourselves on our support and love of our communities.  That is why a group of our employees, spouses, friends, (some of whom are cancer-survivors) are joining together for this remarkable event.  It is not enough to beat cancer; survivors need support with wellness programs to become strong again and embrace their new lease on life.  Although we totally expect to have major fun at the festival, we take the seriousness of this event to heart.  Please donate to this wonderful cause and help survivors get well and strong again, raise awareness of cancer prevention and treatments, and be part of the community that ends cancer's hold on its victims and loved ones.  


Groovy UV   (UVM)

Captain: Pam Blum

UVM staff and faculty paddling to support Dragonheart VT and Survivorship NOW. We are ready to compete with the other teams.  Watch Out for Groovy UV!!


Hickok & Boardman Rock ‘N Rowers

Co-Captains: Alison Roger and Robin Clairmont

The origins of Hickok and Boardman date back to 1821 beginning with Hickok & Boardman Insurance-one of the oldest and largest retail insurance agencies in Vermont. In the mid to late 1900’s, the company experienced significant growth to include Real Estate, Financial Planning, Retirement and Group Benefit services for their clients.  Comprises Hickok & Boardman Insurance Group, Financial Planning & HR Intelligence, Coldwell Banker Hickok & Boardman Realty.


Hilton Garden Inn & Friends

Captain: Bernadette Whitcomb

We are the newest downtown Burlington hotel, and Bronze Dragon sponsor of this year's Dragonboat Festival. With a little help from our local friends...we look forward to PADDLES UP in support of local cancer Survivorship NOW programs. Thank you Dragonheart Vermont for making this all possible!


IBEW Solar Dragons (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers)

Captain: Jazmine Thompson

We're the IBEW Solar Dragons. We're powered by the sun and battling for all those who count on the services provided by Survivorship NOW and Dragonheart Vermont. Let's go Solar Dragons - light'm up!


Johnson Lambert LLP

Captain: Elyssa Burgess

Johnson Lambert is a multi-office CPA and advisory firm. Our clients benefit from our dedication to delivering external audit, tax, and advisory services to distinct industry niche markets with unmatched technical excellence and quality of service. Key to our success is our culture that attracts, develops, values and provides outstanding opportunities to our exceptional personnel.  Today, Johnson Lambert is comprised of eight office locations, from where we serve a national and selectively international client base.  We are proudly supporting Dragonheart Vermont and Survivorship Now.


Merchants Bank Hakuna Ma-Ta-Tas

Captain: Carol Boivin

As the largest remaining Vermont –based bank, we are 100% Vermont! Merchants Bank understands keeping money circulating in Vermont, and is happy to help support cancer survivors in our community. Our employees come from our 32 branches across Vermont and bring 100% enthusiasm as they paddle together at this year’s Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival. HaKuna MaTaTa means ‘worry free for the rest of your days’ and that’s our cancer free philosophy!


Merrill Lynch Raging Bulls

Captain: Sherah Rickert

Merrill Lynch, Burlington office is served by approximately 19 financial advisors who proudly support Survivorship NOW and Dragonheart Vermont through financial support and employee volunteerism.


Milton Snap, Purple Hulks

Captain: Rebecca McGregor

Snap Hulks are an excited and gym enthusiastic bunch of members ranging from Students, to Personal Trainers, to Marathoners, all the way to Body Builders! This is our first time competing in the Dragon Boat race! Our gym is just shy of hitting its 2nd year anniversary and we are going to ring in that celebration by paddling our hearts out to support those affected by cancer; families and friends, survivors, and supporters. We are eager to showcase our hard work and join our sister gyms; Snap Fitness Burlington and Snap Fitness Berlin, in the Ride the Dragon for Charity event! Let's RACE!


Monty Crue (UVM Medical Center Children’s Hospital)

Captain: Courtney Fleischer

Back again representing Monty the Moose on behalf of Vermont Children's Hospital, this group is ready to paddle! Our team is made up of health care team members from throughout the hospital, all working towards improving the health and wellbeing of children, families and friends across the state. PADDLES UP!!



National Life Group Life Savers

Captain: Jessica Ball

National Life Group is dedicated to doing good in our communities, hence our slogan: Do Good, Be Good, Make Good.


NEFCU Navigators (New England Federal Credit Union)

Captain: Sarah Ricker

New England Federal Credit Union has been in the community since 1961 supporting our members. Today our team, NEFCU Navigators, have the opportunity to support the women and men of Survivorship NOW and Dragonheart VT. This is the first year paddling for the NEFCU and we are excited to share in the hard work involved for this great cause.


North Country Artemis Dragons (North Country

Captain: Karen Hunt

North Country Federal Credit Union has teamed up with Artemis Fitness for the challenge of Lake Champlain. North Country Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit organization that exists to serve their members rather than maximize corporate profits.  


Artemis Fitness is a women's strength training facility located in South Burlington that empowers women to be strong and healthy at any age.  These two businesses are bringing the best of the best to take on the challenge of the Festival we are very proud to be supporting Survivorship NOW and Dragonheart Vermont. 


Norwich Cadets (Norwich University)

Captain: Nicole DiDomenico

We are a team of university faculty, staff, and friends excited to be a part of this important fundraiser and to show our support for cancer survivors, their impacted families, and communities. We are paddling in the spirit of one of Norwich’s Guiding Values to nation and others before self.’



Oh the Waves UVM Will Paddle

Captain: Cindy Robare

Oh, the waves UVM will paddle! There is fun to be done!  There are points to be scored. There are donations to collect. And the magical things you can do to help find a cure will make you the winning-est winner of all".

Our team is made up of teachers, parents and friends from the Campus Children's School at UVM. This is our first year "paddling" for the cause and we are so excited to be a part of this wonderful event. 

Peoples United

Captain: Zach Smith

Our story reflects not only our banking history, but also our fundamental principles. At People’s United Bank, we believe that, by offering empathy and expertise to our customers, giving back as partners in our communities, and valuing the know-how of our employees, we all succeed together.


Puff Ta-Kum-Ta Dragon (Camp Ta-Kum-Ta)

Captain: Monica Ploof

This group has one thing common, a link to childhood cancer. We consist of volunteers, former campers who are survivors of childhood cancer, parents of childhood cancer survivors and friends of Camp Ta-Kum-Ta. We are dedicated, highly motivated, have a positive outlook on life and intend to win this year!


Rhythm and Blues (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont)

Captain: Bill Germer

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont's Rhythm and Blues teams will rock (but hopefully not roll!) through the waves to victory, paddling toward a healthier Vermont! Our goal is to make the competition sing the "blues" and help find a cure for breast cancer. Come race day, we'll be paddlin' with rhythm.


Rhythm and Blues Two (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont)

Captain: Megan Peek

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont's Rhythm and Blues teams will rock (but hopefully not roll!) through the waves to victory, paddling toward a healthier Vermont! Our goal is to make the competition sing the "blues” and help find a cure for breast cancer. Come race day, we'll be paddlin' with rhythm.


Sheraton Swashbucklers

Captain: Sarah Murray

After a brief hiatus we are excited to be back on the water! This will be our 7th year participating in the Festival and we are proud to be a sponsor once again this year. The Sheraton family is honored to be a part of the connection that this event brings to the community! Paddles up Mateys!!


SMC’s Dragon Slayers (Saint Michael's College)

Captain: Katherine Hackett

We are staff, faculty, students, alumni, and friends of Saint Michael's College. We are here to slay the dragon and rescue our dear princess, paddling hard and fast, but most importantly, together! We are the Knights, and we have the right, to paddle!


Snap Dragonz

Captain: Samantha Collins-Sweeney

Snap Fitness is a community gym dedicated to improving the lives of its members and the community. Our team is a collection of people at various fitness levels looking to engage in something new, fun, and challenging.


The Snap Dragonz is a group of fitness enthusiasts that range from goal setters, goal getters to trend setters. This is year two for us in the Dragon Boat Festival. Last year we made a splash with our wild tent site and offered chances to get swole in between heats. This year is a treat as we will race our fellow Snap Fitness gyms in the goal of raising the most money for cancer survivors. Instead of just training hard to win easy we are looking to fundraise like never before for a goal and cause that is close to so many of our hearts. We want to race to help end cancer and help all of our survivors. Look for red on race day and you'll find us. Come by our Burlington location to get your fitness fix before, during, or after the race. We'll see you at the finish line.


Snap Slayerz

Captain: Kellyne Witte

The Dragon Boat Team Snap Slayerz is made up of members from the community who attend our local gym, Snap Fitness Berlin. We are all dedicated, self-motivated, driven people who are so excited to be a part of this great cause!  Many of us have never paddled before, but we are up for the challenge! See you all on the water!


SNOWSTORM (Survivorship NOW cancer survivor team)

Captain: Chantale Anders

We are a team of 14 cancer survivors, family and friends. Ten of us are actively involved in Survivorship NOW. 18 of our paddlers were on the team last year. We are ready for more fun! We are thankful to the community and to Dragonheart for supporting Survivorship NOW in empowering survivors of all types of cancer.


Spruce Mortgage – Paddle This!

Captain: Julie Richards

Loyalty, integrity, and creativity are only the beginning as we work hard and keep strong!  We look forward to the challenge, and sowe're back to Paddle This!


Stars and Stripes (14th Street Star Brewing Company)

Captain: Andrea Gagner

14th Star Brewing Company and Grunts Move Junk, two Veteran owned companies, are located in St. Albans. 14th Star is a craft brewing company that supports community through product sales. Grunts is a moving and junk removal company that does a tough job with a soft heart.


TD Bank Titans

Captain: Chuck Cherhoniak

As one of the 10 largest banks in the US, TD Bank's Corporate Responsibility is more than a tradition.  Every day we affirm our commitment to our community.  We are proudly supporting the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival, Survivorship NOW and Dragonheart Vermont in what they give back to the community.   Come down to the Waterfront and watch the TD Bank Titans take on the other teams. 


Team UTAS (United Technologies)

Captain: Daisy Sosa

We are a team of Aerospace gurus. If we can make aircrafts fly you can only imagine what we can do in the water!


The Allscripts Rowdy Paddlers

Captain: Laura Chapman

We offer an open, integrated portfolio of healthcare information technology solutions for hospitals, physician practices, and extended care organizations.  We connect people, places and information across all care settings through our Open, Connected Community of Health. Our full suite of population health solutions build on the power of our comprehensive suite of Clinical and Revenue Cycle core products.

The Vermont office of Allscripts, employees, family and friends make up our team for this Festival and we look forward to paddling for a cause; Dragonheart Vermont and Survivorship Now.


The Fanny Pack (In-patient Rehab Center at UVM Medical Center)

Captain: Kristin Laskowski

ORANGE may be the new BLACK, but FANNY IS THE NEW PACK! This is our 3rd year & we are ready for another day of fun & friendly competition! We have some returning paddlers & some new faces! We represent the Inpatient Rehab Center at UVM Medical Center where we are dedicated to helping people return to everyday life.


The Wright Stuff

Captain: Brenda Wright

This race is being dedicated to John Frank Kenneth Wright who passed away 25 years ago.

 John Wright Jr was well known for his community focus on building the youth through character development. His contributions involved taking troubled teens through programs of canoeing and other outdoor activities to have them experience his love of the outdoors. He helped coach boxing at the YMCA and coached many baseball teams. Not only was he an active role model for others, he spent many hours with his children being an engaged Dad. He was a man that many admired by his actions of engaging youth into positive experiences and truly making a difference in other lives. He is still remembered to this day by the influence he has had upon others. 


This One is for Kristen (Digital Benefit Advisors)

Captain: Sydny Loughlin 

Our team, "This One is for Kristen" is a vibrant compilation of family and friends (and a bit of business) setting out to honor an amazingly brilliant and beautiful woman, Kristen Hutton. We as family, friends, and colleagues, lost Kristen to a battle of breast cancer in August 2012. We can't express it enough how Kristen inspires us each and every day- but we can at least tell you that she'd be our best paddle if she were to join us today. Her employer, Digital Benefit Advisors, has sponsored our boat and invited those around us to join. 


DBA is a national employee benefits agency, with our local office in Colchester, Vermont. Our passion is enriching the lives of others by supporting businesses in taking care of their employees with cutting edge benefit strategies.  This is our first year participating in the LCDBF and we are SO excited to be taking part in such a powerful cause!


Traveling Dragons (VBT- Vermont Bicycle Tours)

Captain: Nicole Voth

VBT delivers Award-Winning Tours Worldwide. Biking Tours, Walking Tours, Bike & Barge Tours.  We have also been voted one of the World's Best Tour Operators in Travel & Leisure.  Our team is made up of employees, family and friends of VBT.  We look forward to supporting Dragonheart Vermont and Survivorship Now for the great work they do for the community. 


Union Mutual

Captain: Stephanie Krukar

Our team consists of employees and friends of Union Mutual, which is an insurance company in Montpelier.

Named one of the Best Places to Work In Vermont for three years running, Union Mutual has been providing quality property and casualty insurance products for over 140 years. Our focus is on providing superior customer service “second to none,” and our employees are an integral part of the company’s success. We are proud of our employees and the charitable spirit of our company.


Our Dragon Boat team has representatives from all departments within our company, including an employee with 41 years of service and our summer interns. This event offers us an opportunity to take on a new challenge as a team, and we are looking forward to participating in the Dragon Boat Race and supporting Dragonheart Vermont and Survivorship NOW!


Vermont Systems Blazing Paddles

Captain: Bryan Gillilan

Since 1988, VSI has specialized in developing fresh software products for managing recreation and park operations around the globe. Our Blazing Paddles team is made up of Administration, Sales, Support, & Development staff and will surely be a "force to recreate with". Paddles? We don't need no stinking Paddles.


UVM Cancer Center Rays of Hope

Captain: Jim Wallace

Racing to beat cancer, one ray at a time! Rays of Hope is proud to be paddling for our 11th year! We are so happy to have been part of the Festival since the beginning and look forward to many more years of working with Dragonheart Vermont.


Vermont Tech Knight Riders

Captain: Beth Camp

The Vermont Tech Knight Riders are a cohort of co-workers and family members from various Vermont Tech campuses around the state. We are looking to support a worthy cause all the while building team spirit and having a great time in our beautiful Vermont outdoors.


Villainous Vixens

Captain: Corey Austin

A Little Evil Goes A Long Way!! The Villainous Vixens are a group of women from many walks of life, with some pretty epic original stories, who have decided to put aside their wicked ways for the summer and join forces for good - to raise as much money as they possibly can for Survivorship NOW! They may be a first year team in the festival, but they also hope to become a force to be reckoned with, whether by land or by water, and snag up as many spirit awards and division wins as they possibly can!



We're Sexy and We Row It (Data Innovations)

Captain: Dawn Nelson

We’re Sexy and We Row It is a team of intelligent, charismatic and (of course) SEXY Paddlers from the world’s largest and most successful clinical and blood laboratory middleware company.  Our team is comprised of a diverse cross section of employees who have joined together to support Survivorship NOW and strike up some healthy rivalry with the Cancer Canknot team


Windows & Oars by Brownell

Captain: Rick Schilling

The Brownell team will be back with a new cast of characters and some wily veterans to compete, once again, at the festival. Competitive and determined to bring back another trophy to our showroom case. We fully support Dragonheart Vermont and will bring all arms to bear, to help Survivorship Now!  and always !


WND & WVS (Wind & Waves)

Captain: Russ Scully

WND&WVS is all about the passion of getting out on the water. Surfing, stand up paddling, windsurfing, and kiteboarding are the athletic pursuits of virtually all men and women who love to glide across the water under the power of wind and waves. 


We operate out of a funky little surf shop in the south end of town dedicated to getting our customers smiling and paddling on our greatest local water. We are the exclusive Vermont dealer for Starboard and Nash paddle boards and accessories.  We can help what works best for you. 

We are the sister company to The Spot restaurant which resides a block from the shop. The Spot is a surf-style restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week in a Hawaiian-style atmosphere.

Be sure to check it out on your next visit to the shop. Our team is made up of employees, family and friends ready to COMPETE FOR THE COVETED TROPHY!!

Work 'ARD, Play 'ARD (Tetra Tech)

Captain: Gail Kramer Thomas

We represent Tetra Tech ARD, which is an international consulting firm that creates environmentally responsible solutions that foster sustainable development. We paddle to support cancer survivors so they can Work 'ARD, Play 'ARD for many years to come!