Hillsborough County Lacrosse Alliance
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The Chill

The New Tampa Chill has been established to provide a reasonably priced off-season program primarily for players in the New Tampa area, which emphasizes:

  • Player Development 
  • Team Cohesiveness 
  • Enjoyment of the game!


Continue to grow as a player with; your current high school team mates, your former Raiders team mates, future team mates (if new to the game), or if you just want to come Chill!

Although we’re serious about making you better players, we strive to keep things up-beat, positive, and something you look forward to.  We don’t want your off-season to be drudgery, and just more lacrosse.  That’s why we came up with our name.  Come Chill with us!

http://www.newtampalax.com for details