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Sports Psychology Corner with Jamie Robbins


This page is dedicated to players and parents in hopes to provide advice, ideas, and perspectives on how your mental game can affect your field hockey game! Click the link below!


#1: A New Approach

#2: Using Your Emotions to Help Your Performance

#3: Work in Progress





Meet Jamie E. Robbins Ph.D.


  • Doctorate in Kinesiology specializing in 
      Sport Psychology: Michigan State University. May, 2004. 
  • Masters degree in Sport Psychology: 
      University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. May, 2000. 
  • Bachelor's degree in Psychology: 
      University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. May, 1998.



Jamie Robbins is located in West Chester, PA but travels throughout the country. 
For information please contact us:
Email : 
Phone: 336-414-6218